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[ZIP][DEV][ROM] HC v4 eMMC 2nd ed. - Flashable ZIP {02/21/11}

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By samuelhalff, Senior Member on 9th February 2011, 01:24 AM
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(I guess I'm back..)

Here's a flashable ZIP of HC v4 to install on eMMC.

Note: 30.03.11
These packages (zip) can't make it complicated for you to go back to other roms, with working recoveries, etc.
Please flash the file found on this post before flashing another rom, if you wish to use, for example, CM7.



This is:
- Deeperblue's HC for NC (installed on eMMC), see
- With dalingrin's OC kernel (1100) instead of stock HC kernel, see
- Gapps included (I ended up using jleecong's files) see
- Root (su) included (credit goes to chhaggerty and NuroSlam) see

All usual disclaimers apply. Please do not try this if not absolutely sure of what you are doing. Cicada's Froyo on eMMC is a far better option for people looking for stability. I must urge you to consider that deeperblue's HC for Nook Color is under constant upgrade. This means HC v5 could be available very soon.. Maybe you should wait until a more stable version of HC is available. Though deeperblue has done a great job at resolving issues.

NOTE: This version works well, but still has a few bugs..

MAJOR Credit goes to deeperblue for a his impressive work on HC. CM team for helping him. Dalingrin for his constant achievements regarding stable OC kernels..

To avoid having a black screen on boot, I've removed permissions on 'bin/newfs_msdos'. This prevents boot partition from getting corrupt. This means you won't be able to format an SD card from your NC once this is installed. Do it from you PC, or manually with ADB and parted/fdisk.

This last paragraph means that some apps won't install while SD is mounted. Either remove SD when having problems with app not installing, or restore permissions (chmod 777 system/bin/newfs_msdos) on newsfs_msdos. If you choose latter option, do not attempt to format SD from your NC from that moment and beyond!


I decided to leave dalingrin's kernel by default, as I found that perfomance was noticeably better. If people wish to have a flashable zip to restore to stock HC, please say so.


This file should be used with IOMonster bootable CWR SD image (could also work with internal CWR, but internal CWR will be removed during installation, and if internal CWR crashes during install your NC wont boot again. If that happens to you use the CWR SD and you'll be fine). Download the image, burn to SD and only then copy this flashable zip at the root of the SD.
Download CWR SD image here:
Boot with SD inserted, go to 'mounts and storage', and:
- format system, then data and THEN format boot (CWR may crash, simply hard reboot, format should have worked).
- still in mounts and storage, check that system, data are not mounted (it should say 'mount data', not 'unmount data')
- go back with power button, go to 'install zip from sdcard'
- go to 'choose zip from sdcard'
- select ''

Wait until the end of install. Be patient. It should say 'Install from sdcard complete'. Don't panic if the progress bar doesn't show progress. As long as it says 'Done, all finished'.

Turn off NC.
Remove SD card.

Boot and be happy..

HC/eMMC flashable ZIP file:
md5sum c962b33ba234bad6581d573a11cef7ee

Thank you.

PS: it seems that I've left LauncherPro installed on this version. If you're not happy with it, just remove it. I for one have changed LPro settings to open app drawer instantly (see speed options). This does give a slick impression.

PS2: mirrors are welcome.

PS3: FYI, I've personnaly tried out converting data (p6) and cache (p7) to ext4, and making necessary tweaks for it to work along with Dalingrin's kernel. It does seem a bit more responsive. I'm willing to share my uRamdisk with ext4 support, but you need to know how to convert you eMMC partitions. This is risky business and I won't recommend it. This version here is ext3 only. Sorry.


EDIT-02-21/2011 ------

Second edition release of HC v4 on eMMC
flash with Ext4 Bootable SDCard (see

H4 v2 second edition release, with a few tweaks and updates:
- System, data and cache fs will convert to EXT4, minor performance boost.
- Gingerbread Gapps added: Market, Maps, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Talk.
- SD card format now works, thus no more issues with installing apps when card inserted (storage menu doesn't always refresh, change setting tab and back)
- Removed LauncherPro, can be installed from market
- More apps available in market, still many missing (i.e, angry birds)
- Ad-hoc fix added
- Rooted, working su (Thanks to j4mm3er). Superuser installed and working
- CWR Ext4 integrated with ugly workaround. Use RecoveryBootUtility app to boot to CWR on internal (Without the need for a bootable SDCARD). Booting to CWR with power+n will not work. You will have to boot to HC, then use Utility app to boot to CWR.
Do not use this internal CWR to flash Froyo or Eclair, use previous Ext3 Bootable CWR sdcard and format system, data and cache before doing so. The Ext4 integrated CWR will only work for this HC version (not previous) and for CM7.
- Added my USB Mass storage utility app (if you're having trouble with a mounted partition, make sure it's unmounted from NC before using utility, i.e unmount sdcard before mounting it to pc). Use this to open sdcard or media on your PC.
- Calendar fix added.
- Maps 5.0, do not upgrade to 5.1. It won't work on HC.
- Gallery 3d added -> working gallery.
- Various tweaks..

- Many apps don't work.
- Talk may disconnect sometimes, you'll have to make sure you time settings are correct (don't use automatic setting). You can also try changing time, Force close Talk and launch it again. Sorry for this..
- Location won't work. This is a preview, supposed to be working on a Virtual emulator. Only Mock locations work. If you're adventurous, try enabling mock locations in settings, installing 'Android developer shell' on NC, enabling telnet server in app, and using:
- geo gpsSpoofer start
- geo gpsSpoofer fix [latitude] [longitude]
(geo -help if you have trouble with commands.)
You'll have a working spoofed location. Reboot will erase it..
- Other issues, I'll update if required. I've struggled to get other apps working. But without HC's source, it's pretty much impossible..

NOTE: oddly enough, I've launched maps 5.0 this morning and, though it's asking me to enable location provider, it found my location just a few seconds after opening the app... I don't know it it's Latitude related. I'll investigate..

These differ from above instructions, but you can refer to them if you have a doubt.
- Boot to Ext4 Bootable CWR SD with zip file on it.
- In mounts and storage, format /system, /data and /cache -> MANDATORY!
- In the same menu, make sure /system aren't /data aren't mounted
- make sure sdcard is mounted
- choose zip from sdcard
- flash file WAIT, be patient! Progress will not display, but it will work.
- Remove sdcard, boot to HC.

HC-v4-emmc-2nd-edition flashable zip:
117.33 MB

Mirror, thanks to MikeSpears:

The internal CWR workaround is ugly to say the least. So if you NC should refuse to boot or bootloops, which I hope won't, flash this boot repair that I'm adding just in case. Just flash it, no need for formatting.. Use a bootable CWR SD Card.

HCext4-boot-repair flashable zip:
6.8 MB

Mirrors are welcome.

Do not use this internal CWR to flash Froyo or Eclair, use previous Ext3 Bootable CWR sdcard and format system, data and cache before doing so. The Ext4 integrated CWR will only work for this HC version (not previous) and for CM7.


EDIT - 02/18/2011 ---

Google Calendar app fix:

Added Calendar.apk, CalendarProvider.apk, GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk and new framework.jar(.zip) to attached files.

- All .apk files must be pushed to /system/app, with 6775 permissions.
- framwork.jar [rename by removing '.zip', this ISN'T a zip file] must be pushed to system/framework, replacing current file.

Note: Simple fix, Added " (smali)" to 'com/android/internal/content', in framework.jar.

I'm sorry, I don't have time to make a flashable zip of this just yet. Maybe a good Samaritan will..

This hasn't been tested on other NC's than mine. Please try and post your feedback.

Feel free to use this in other HC/Gapps threads, so that everyone can benefit from this.


Note: 30.03.11
These packages (zip) can't make it complicated for you to go back to other roms, with working recoveries, etc.
Please flash the file found on this post before flashing another rom, if you wish to use, for example, CM7.

Attached Files
File Type: apk CalendarProvider.apk - [Click for QR Code] (335.4 KB, 827 views)
File Type: apk Calendar.apk - [Click for QR Code] (266.7 KB, 743 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (3.41 MB, 807 views)
File Type: apk GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk - [Click for QR Code] (109.0 KB, 634 views)
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9th February 2011, 01:34 AM |#2  
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Welcome Back


Mediafire mirror:

Mediafire Nook Folder, includes "most" needed files:

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9th February 2011, 01:34 AM |#3  
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Welcome back and anxiously awaiting your hard work!
9th February 2011, 02:09 AM |#4  
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Will the sdcard mount on this build?
9th February 2011, 02:16 AM |#5  
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wow so in on this.

as soon as some non newbs test it out
9th February 2011, 02:26 AM |#6  
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Just tested it (from a fresh 1.0.1 install of eclair and using the market CWR), works flawlessly. (Just be patient with the CWR, it takes awhile and theres nothing indicating wether it froze or not so wait at least 10minutes before thinking it failed). SD card mounted flawlessly and Pandora/Youtube work fine. You're also given an option to use LauncherPro or the HC launcher at boot.

Thanks Sam

P.S. for those who prefer the default launcher like myself I suggest you open up spare parts and set Window Animations and Transition Animations to instant.
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9th February 2011, 02:33 AM |#7  
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So why does this have to mess with cwr?

Thanks for your work here
9th February 2011, 02:37 AM |#8  
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This will not override our CWR and in case there is a problem we shouldn't have a problem getting back into it to recover our backups, correct?

Any idea if Rom Manager will work okay with this?
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9th February 2011, 02:39 AM |#9  
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This will erase internal CWR.

You would be better off with some sort of backup SDcard with Monster's image. Tha way you keep a working CWR with your backups all in the same place..

Backups are stored on the sdcard. This only erases internal boot, system and data.

I wouldn't count on CWR/Rom manager with HC just yet..


Just buy a rescue SD. That's my advice to you..


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9th February 2011, 02:49 AM |#10  
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central florida
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Amazing! This runs exceptionally well, thank you so much!!
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