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The Rom Bible

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By yohshua, Retired Forum Moderator / Retired Recognized Developer on 15th May 2010, 10:47 PM
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The Rom Bible

Main Rom Bible Thread:
32B Users Use Link Above To See All The Wonderful Things You Can Do To Your Android!

First I want to thank every Dev for everything they do : JesusFreke, Cyanogen, Haykuro, Stericson, JAC, capychimp, alan090, bcrook, klothius, Case_, cursordroid, sanpei, Binary100100, giant_rider, asero, MasterOSX, redglasses, k4r1m, Radix999, dm-digital, thematrix2, GyD, marsdroid, hotweiss, robocik, shawn1224, illconcepts, Zinx Verituse, jeffakajeff, ceas909, AngioNicholai, bubonik and any Dev I left out I tried to get you all. Also a huge thanks goes to Google for releasing such a great OS and XDA for all there hard work on an awesome site.

Also go check out my youtube channel for video reviews and tutorials: RoyalKnight6190 YouTube Channel, Also If My Assistance Helped You, Feel Free to Donate and Help the Cause and help my son who has a Terminal Illness: Donate at Paypal If you want to know what Terminal Illness my Son has and learn about it follow this link: Cystic Fibrosis Thank you

For a great Release Database Comparison, where you can view the Roms side by side Check this link out (Thanks protomanez for the link):

So Each Rom is Broken Up by Radio Version and then has its last update date. If you have any questions ask in the appropriate post. Thank You.

32A Users:[/CENTER]

Important Threads For HTC Sapphire: MyTouch 3G, Magic Users:

[TOOL]Radio Switcher v."GUI 4.1" "Win/Linux/Mac; Multi-language" - eyegor -

Magic SPL HBOOT collection - Amon_RA -

Install the Latest Android sdk - Cyanogen -

XDA Sapphire Hacking Wiki now available - Radix999 -

[32A][6.35] OC Kernel for Cursorsense/Rooted Stock/Others - 710 MHz Stable, - xaueious -

[Recovery] [32A & 32B] [16-May-2010] RA-sapphire-v1.7.0 - Amon_RA -

[32A][HOW-TO] Upgrade to 6.35 Radio and 1.76.2007 SPL (Downgrade/Revert too!) - cursordroid -

[How-To] Root and un-root the T-Mobile myTouch 3G - Amon_RA -

**Guide** Rooting MT32B with SPL 1.33.0007 - knny1491 -

**SOLVED** Consolidated Info to HOPEFULLY Root Rogers 3.05.631.7 ROM-updating via RUU - agriff -

[Sappimg][MT3G 1.2-MT3G fender][CONFIRMED] We have a way to Un-Root. - ceas909 -

[MOD]Power Control Widget hor/vertical (27th April)soft blue added - sitimber -

Newbie resource links for Sapphire/HTC Magic - colonel -

[ROM] Official HTC Sapphire/Magic/MT3G RUU ROM Links - 5[Strogino] -

[THUNK AND FIXED] Rooting Mytouch Fender LE 32a/ Mytouch 1.2 DONT!! - crypysmoker -

Now For What You All Came For!!!

3.22 Series Radio

[Rom][32b] - [32a][3.22][6.35] CM6 - FroyoRedux Mod v2.0 (10/25/2010) Even Better!! - alan090 -

[Rom][32a][32b][3.22][6.35] CyanogenMod 5.0.8- Daily Driver (10/04/2010)AlMod 3.0.1 - alan090 -

[RomPort][32a][3.22] SuperBad 1.5 (06/03/2010) - alan090 -

[ROM][32a][3.22][6.35]HTCClay SuperFast 1.3.3{Port} fast/stable (04/29/10) - alan090 -

[Rom][32a] HTCCLAY CSDI Xperia Edition (port) (4/10/10) - alan090 -

[Rom][32a] KingKlick Droideris2Magic 1.2 (port) (4/13/10) - alan090 -

[Rom][32a] HTCCLAY FastTest 3.1.1 (XPERIA X10 THEME) (04/15/10) - alan090 -

[Rom][32a] HTCCLAY CSDI 3mix port (04/4/10) - alan090 -

[Rom][32a][3.22] Super Slide 576mhz Espresso UI (05/15/10) - alan090 -

[PORT][3.22.x EBI1/32A]Cyanogenmod 5.0.8/6.1.0 DS EBI1/32A Port [December 8] - bcrook -

[ROM][32A][old radio] WLegend 0.5 (and WHero 0.6) - BFS, 2.6.33, OC option (May 22nd) - Case_ -

[PORT][32A]Complete Eclair v2.0 New/Old Radio + .33 kernel - (5/6/10) - MasterOSX -

[ROM][PORT][32A] SuperD 1.11 Port 1.5 (Super Fast/Smooth/Stable!)(04/29/10) - asero -

[ROM][32A] MyHero 2.0.5 with Official SenceUI on HTC Kernel 2.6.27 (11/07/09) - redglasses -

[ROM]JACHeroski 2.7.4r2 Port *32A only* *+Super Optimized Rosie* (07/25/09) - k4r1m -

[ROM][32a] MotoBlur for HTC Magic 32a devices (10/09/09) - Radix999 -

[ROM][32A DREAM/MAGIC]Delicious Donut 1.0(04/28/10) - dm-digital -

[ROM][32A][OLD RADIO]OpenEclair "LastOne" AOSP 2.1r2[STABLE][FAST](03/03/10) - thematrix2 -

[ROM][32A] Magic GyD ROMs (03/15/10) - GyD -

[ROM] [32A & 32B] [30-Jan-2010] RAv1.6.3 - DONUT (01/30/10) - Amon_Ra -

[ROM][32A][3.22.x] SuperE 1.0.2 + Addons (06/02/10) - merlos -

[ROM][32A][3.22]SparksMod32A-2.0-Going Away Present (28/01/11) -crisvillani -

6.35 Series Radio

[ROM][32A][6.35] CapySlide v3.6 OC & JIT OC CapyLegend v5.3 OC & JIT OC [26/06/10] - capychimp -

[ROM][32A][6.35][SenseUI][2.1] Smoki 0.7.6 (07/20/2010) - We're almost there ! - klothius -

[ROM][32A] CursorSense32A- - NOW CM UPDATER FRIENDLY! (01/30/10) - cursordroid -

[ROM][32A] Stock HTC 3.05.401.3 Rooted (01/21/10) - cursordroid -

[32A][6.35] Sanpei's Sense 0.4pre, bug fixes and new ERIS port based on latest dump (04/30/10) - sanpei -

[ROM][32A][6.35]SuperEclair v8.8 Port_v2.1 OC 576 MHz (CM5.0.8 build) [28-Jun-2010] - giant_rider -

[ROM][32A][6.35]Kolohe SuperEclairv3.0 Beta4.1 [Port_v0.1](04/25/10) - giant_rider -

[Rom][32A][6.35] CM6-RC1 - FroyoRider 2.2 v0.6.2 - JIT & OC 576 MHz (22-Jul-2010) - giant_rider -

[ROM] MarsDroid SPL7 "KERNEL 2.6.29 ELI" (04/09/10) - marsdroid -

[Kernel] [32A] HoFo Cursor 1.0 Update (01/27/10) - hotweiss -

[ROM][NR][HEROon32a]Villain 5 v04 (04/01/10) - robocik -

[ROM][32aNR][HEROon32a]VillainROM 3.4 v04 DeThemed A2SD/BT/WIFI/GPS/CAMERA (03/19/10) - robocik -

[ROM][32aNR]Robomix v0.1 Wifi,BT,GPS,Camera,rot/Gallery3D (04/02/10) - robocik -

[ROM][32A][6.35]CM5-Release- (05/27/10) - carz12 -

[ROM][32A][6.35]GBRider_Cronos_v2.1.0 (Android 2.3.3) (21-Mar-2011) - giant_rider -

[B][Rom]*Diet Gingerbread*New Radio*[6.35]*Magic/Sapp*v0.22.03.2011*TMO Themes*March24*[B] - carz12 -

[B][Rom][32A][6.35] sfm 0.30 (Android 2.3.3, new Sense) (21 April 2011)[B] - SebastianFM -

[B](ROM)CM7.1.0(Sapphire32a)NR-[B] - carz12 -

MT3G 1.2 / LE Fender

[ROM][32A-MT3G] T-Mobile MyTouch 3g Fender Edition Stock ROM with ROOT! (01/25/10) - cursordroid -

[ROM] [MT3G Fender, LE,1.2] ported_KiNgxKxlick-AOSP21-v19 (04/24/10) - Binary100100 -

[ROM] [MT3G LE,1.2] ported_vega-legend-v0.9(04/24/10) - Binary100100 -

[ROM] [MT3G Fender, LE,1.2] Ported_FR-MyTouchSlidev003c (04/24/10) - Binary100100 -

[ROM][MT3G 1.2/LE Fender] CR_Slide2G1_v1 [come get your daily driver] (06/02/10) - shawn1224 -

[ROM]MT3G LE/1.2 : Magic Elixir / CM 5.0.7-test5 [UPDATED 05/16/10] - illconcepts -

[KERNEL][MT3G 1.2/LE Fender] CyanogenMod kernel patch *PROPER*(05/02/10) - Zinx Verituse -

[PORT] [Mytouch 1.2] Htcclay SuperFast v1.3.2 (4/27/10) - jeffakajeff -

[PORT][MyTouch 1.2]CaNNoN202 CompleteEclair(04/27//10) - jeffakajeff -

[ROM][MT3G LE Fender/1.2][PORT] Super D 1.10.3(04/22/10) - ceas909 -

[ROM] myTouch LE ACR_Enhanced[stable] (4/9/10) - AngioNicholai -

[ROM]BubsTouch 3G 1.2/LE Rom .2 (3/29/10) - bubonik -

[Theme-CM6-RC1-Droid] No more rounded edges! - Cyanogen -

MT3G 32b

Ginger yoshi 1.1 (android 2.3.3) for 32b and 32a ^_^ - yohshua -

[ROM][2/22/11][32b/G1] {Froyo} Yoshi Mod Team MM1 Release!!{2708+ Radio} - mmaiolo81 -

[Rom] 32b BeatMod AOSP 2.2.1 - zFr3eak -

[Rom-Dev]32b/a Beatmod feat.Yoshi Honeycomb download for now ^_^ - yohshua/zFr3eak -

[ROM][32b] Official AOSP 2.2 OTA - dasunsrule32 -

Thank You and Enjoy.
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15th May 2010, 10:47 PM |#2  
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Reserved. 10char.....
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15th May 2010, 11:15 PM |#3  
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this is going to be great in sorting through all the crap in this forum
15th May 2010, 11:17 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by alan090

this is going to be great in sorting through all the crap in this forum

yea, this worked really nice in the Dream section.... every large section needs this. :P
15th May 2010, 11:18 PM |#5  
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I agree the problem with XDA Forums is all the clutter and the great stuff that does come out sometimes gets lost in between the cracks.
15th May 2010, 11:23 PM |#6  
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yes about 3 posts per page consist of a rom - the rest is either useful info or stuff posted in the wrong sections :P

its worse here than in the dream section because mods dont seem to notice us as much heh
16th May 2010, 12:20 AM |#7  
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Well the Bible is Live. Enjoy. I will keep it updated to the best of my abilities and add whatever you guys want added. If you wanted to send me PM's with how each one Rates on a scale of 1 (being bad) - 5 (being Excellent) on Stable, Speed, Battery Life, No FC's, Visuals, Daily Use. That would be awesome and then I could add that like I have for the G1 users. Of course you would have to go back and flash roms. If you send me reviews on the roms your using now that is fine also. Something is better then nothing. I guess you could go off of memory.

But I hope you like it and enjoy.
16th May 2010, 12:33 AM |#8  
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Alright Brought the Rom Bible here instead of making you click its in this post now. Enjoy.
16th May 2010, 12:48 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Royalknight6190

Alright Brought the Rom Bible here instead of making you click its in this post now. Enjoy.

woo thanks

this needs a sticky :P
16th May 2010, 01:00 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by alan090

woo thanks

this needs a sticky :P

I just wrote a PM to the Mod requesting to be. Hopefully it happens.
16th May 2010, 01:01 AM |#11  
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best idea ever

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