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I have now got the BSOD 3 times. Once when I first put Pauls rom on last December, once after using USB-mode switch when 1.08 came out, and just recently when a crashy-game (X-Construct) rebooted the tablet. All 3 times I had clockworkMod install, but all 3 times it had been working fine for days (or weeks) before it happened one reboot.

A recovery fix was posted in this MoDaCo thread (post 149).

Here is that fix (formating the misc) in a .bat file. Just extract and double-click FixBSOD.bat while in nVidia flash-mode (boot holding [Back] while plugged in to USB and charging).

If you ever get a BSOD, there is no need to reflash, just run FixBSOD and then hard-reboot it by holding power for ~10seconds. It should boot normally in to your old rom you thought the BSOD had trashed.
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HTC One (m7tmo) on Solavei - revone S-OFF - SlimROM 6.8
Backup for hard-key typing: SideKick 4G - Froyo
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