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View Poll Results: Atrix.... are you getting it?
Hell YEAH This Is My Next Phone... No Worries XDA Will Back be UP! 38 45.78%
This Is My Next Phone For Sure... I have a feeling Motorola is going to do great this this phone 9 10.84%
With those specks... I want it... but I found moto's software somewhat troublesome 19 22.89%
I might Get it... Play with it.... probably wont like it that much and sell it or return it 2 2.41%
Meh... Il wait and see how this phone does before making my decision... 13 15.66%
NO WAY IN HELL!!!! I've seen what Motorola does... I don't like It 2 2.41%
Voters: 83. You may not vote on this poll

Atrix are you getting it why?

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Default Atrix are you getting it why?

Before I start I want yo say that this is not solo for the AT&T version, but any version and I would like to hear it from you guys, opinions fears and hopes.

Leme be the first on this post that says I'm going to get this baby. why? I'm interested I'm the docks as its being a smartphone feature I've personally being expecting the most as I see a promising future. I know this may be the first but won't be the last and hopefully becomes a common feature with the time that will be considered rather useful with increasing smartphone technology.

What I fear is how thigh Motorola plans on closing the bootloader... only allowing little development for the phone.

My hopes are that Motorola in plans on cleaning their reputation will find (or has found) a way to get them both(security and openness) walking together down the same road

Just added a Poll for those who would better Like a vote ^^
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tegra 2 chip, 1GB ram, qHD display, finger print sensor, 1950 mHA battery, this is just a few down the list. I will buy this sucker, my first ever Android and Motorola experience
Motorola Atrix running 2.3.6 with webtop2sd on my 37" screen using modded usb otg with wireless keyboard&mouse. feking moto with the half-a** quality broken screen (twice).
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In my opinion, its the best Android to come out on AT&T which I am currently happy with. I bought just the phone and got a great price. Coming from an iPhone 4 and anxious to try out Android finally.
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Aside from the obvious reasons to buy the Atrix, I am a Motorola two-way radio technician and I constantly get asked by my customers as to why I don't carry a "Droid". Well for one, I don't like the way CDMA sounds compared to GSM and two, I get a 15% discount with at&t that I can't get with any other carrier.

Since at&t works very well in the areas I need service, I've got no reason to switch.

I will be getting the Atrix.
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Im living in Europe and for me its presently a decision between the LG Optimus 2X or the Motorola Atrix 4G.

And at the moment I am more or less solo considering the Atrix, but I will only get the Atrix provided:

1: It can get root (Done)
2: Its bootloader is not locked
2a: Or in the case that it is locked, that the lock is broken by the time I want to get it.

Thats really what it all comes down to for me at this point. I dont want to pay several 100 dollars for a damned phone that I am not "allowed" to mess with "for my own safety". What a load of crap really.

If those 2 things I listed get cleared up come April, then I am getting the Atrix . And if not then I am getting the LG instead. Its that simple really...
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Why not buy it? The best phone in the market now, man!
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Originally Posted by tuantuti View Post
tegra 2 chip, 1GB ram, qHD display, finger print sensor, 1950 mHA battery, this is just a few down the list. I will buy this sucker, my first ever Android and Motorola experience
Same here, although I did own a razr back in the day. Great specs on this device.

This was a simple choice for me. Finally a good android phone on my carrier and I'm up for a equipment discount. I'm glad I waited the few extra months.
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Does anyone know if the Nvidia app store will be on the Atrix? I know I saw a video on it but I have not seen it reviewed in any of the videos I've seen for the Atrix on youtube.
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Yes I am getting it, and the efuse doesn't bother me at all. The specs of the phone are great and I really don't have a problem with stock.

It will make a nice upgrade from my Nexus One
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I know people wish upon this few things that they can't have. But this will make a great phone until next year.

I have a nexus one, so this really is a resolution upgrade for me since my N1 is pentile as well.

The N1 has horrible battery life compared to the Atrix, and the touch sensor is garbage. So these two things alone will make make my usage of the phone better.

Non proprietary HDMI and USB ports are much nicer than the $50 cable Samsung wants to charge.

I despise AT&T for disabling HSUPA, and this really make it not a 4G phone, but T-Mobile sucks here and Sprint has nothing interesting. We're getting LTE this year so next year I may consider Verizon.

For now, this Atrix is a pretty good thing for me.

Atrix 4G for better or for worse.

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