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[Q] Is there any way to keep media net unlimited (not smartphone plan)?

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Originally Posted by hgn842001 View Post
If you are checking it online, it doesn't show as a regular feature. There is a link that shows "other features" ... or just call them up and ask if you have it.
Thanks! I knew I had the feature, but had no idea there was a way to check it. Check out my screenshot for proof!

I'm glad to learn that all 3/3 lines have the exclusion, and not just the one with $15 data or the two with smartphones.

Originally Posted by Torrast View Post
The smartphone exclusion feature only covers you for your current device. If you put your SIM into a phone that Att recognizes as a valid smartphone that is different than the one you currently have on file, your grandfather status is gone and you get a smartphone data plan.
Wrong, definitely! Not only did the AT&T rep I spoke to confirm it, but experience, including loading up no-data smartphone excluded SIMs into the HTC Aria and Touch Pro 2 prove it. If you have no data or cheap data and no smartphone exclude, then yes, what you describe will happen, but if you have smartphone exclude, you will be just fine. The AT&T rep said that if I bought a phone at att.com my smartphone exclusion would not be affected, and when I bought the Aria from Amazonwireless.com, it was not affected.
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Originally Posted by James62370 View Post
AT&T recognizes the IMEI on all of their iphones. When I put my sim into my friends iphone, it asked me to update my data plan. Obviously, I did not...

It works on the Atrix, though I don't doubt if AT&T knew which phone I had, they would probably want me to upgrade. I asked a rep many years ago, they said I have some sort of legacy feature grandfathered in, but if I make any type of changes to my plan, I would lose it. I cannot remember what they call it. Thus I cannot purchase a phone with an AT&T contract. Pretty lame, but that has been my experience and what I have been told. Not all reps know what they are talking about.

I'm not here to argue with anyone. I know which plan I have, and I know I have an Atrix. All I did was take my sim from my old phone out and put it into my new Atrix and it works without complaining for me to upgrade my data plan.

However, I am not impress with the HSUPA speeds, and it seems everyone has the same issue whether they are on a $30 unlimited plan, or $20 medianet bundle.

I hope this helps, good luck guys!
well heres the problem hsupa is not enabled on this phone plus the upload speeds have been capped on this phone to only 300kbs so ya sucky mc sucks stupid att crap
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Got an SMS and an email from AT&T saying that for 4G phones I need a compatible data plan and one is added automatically to my account. Called AT&T told them I'm going to return the phone and don't touch my previous plan.
Guess I'll wait for a Canadian version.
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I have the family plan with an old media unlimited on one phone and nothing on the other. I upgraded to an Atrix and was allowed to keep the old media on the Atrix and didn't change the other phone. Not really 4G in San Diego.

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so now that the bell atrix has been out for a few days anyone get a chance to test it out?
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Originally Posted by exorz View Post
so now that the bell atrix has been out for a few days anyone get a chance to test it out?
I would if I could find one to buy and ship to the US. I found one on ebay.ca, but not sure if that is just a regular AT&T version, rather than a Bell.
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i guess most people are in the same boat. hard to find a bell atrix. probably even harder since it's more expensive than the att one.
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Has anyone here successfully used an old AT&T "Smartphone Connect Unlimited" data plan ($19.99/mo) with their Atrix?
I have such a plan grandfathered from back in 2007, which I am obviously reluctant to give up.
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If that's the one with 200 text messages included than yes. I'm using 3g sim card at the moment. Not sure when they open up hsupa if i'll enjoy the benefits, but is working for me. This plan is the reason why I did not renew contract because I did not want to lose unlimited internet.

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If any of you have any questions about at&t, feel free to pm me.

The 'SmartPhone' exclusion is simply a way our system recognizes your non-smartphone. If you use your sim card in an atrix with any non-smartphone plan, it will more than likely work for about 30 days. We have a system crawler in place to check for imei mismatches, and once it gets to your market, it will find your phone, and place you on the $25 2gb plan. Either way, you'll be very lucky if all the functions of your phone work with the media net package (usually MMS, and some web function won't work like 3g or 4g). Simply put, yes, you can use your media net by tricking at&t, but yes, the system will find it and fix it over time.

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