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[CHT2 Widget] - SimClock v3 - Next Generation MUST HAVE Widget with Extended Features

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By Nordpolcamper, Senior Member on 8th March 2011, 11:20 PM
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Hi again,


V3 updated:
-cleared the program panels ongs, so there is no overlapping reflections.
-the settings menu error was solved.
-new shortcut in start menu via which you can access the programs panel menu.

Remember, that you must uninstall any previous version before you install the new Cab. If you have the current v3 installed there is no longer a need to install the fix dunc posted.

We have finally managed to get everything to work and we now are able to provide you with "THE ONE AND ONLY WIDGET". The Widget, that you NEED to have on your homescreen.
This is the SimClock v3.

After hard days of work dunc managed to get the script straight and the Widget got ready to be shared.

Again we obviously want to thank Poyensa for his amazing work on the settings menu, rat_2665 for his patience, support and guidance with problem functions in the scripts, MichelDiamond for his help with the required reg keys and everyone on the DreamTeam for the superb beta testing over the last few days as we got closer to release - without them we wouldn't have the perfect home screen widget!

Now take a look at this :

The SimClock v3 comes with many new features and a redone menu. The Installation is quite simple. Just uninstall any previous versions of the SimClock and then install JML Menu. You can find the link a little later in this post. After that just install the v3 cab and softreset

As you can see on the Screenshots we have included a function that lets you choose whether you want the panels displayed on top of the clock, or below, when you want to add the widget to you homescreen.

I wanted to start with the most impressive feature of the SimClock and this is most likely the new program panel we integrated, that can hold up to 14 quicklinks to programs You can access the program panel by pressing the black background of the widget. By default it is set to show 7 quicklinks. But if you press one empty quicklink you can choose to display 14 and choose the exe files you want to be inside the panel. Furthermore, if you want to you can set a costum icon for every quicklink. If you want to do that make sure the icons are 64x64, 128x128 or 256x256 pngs if not Sense will become very slow and might crash
Another very interesting feature is the ability to set day and night switching options. You can set colors and opacitys in the new menu that change when you check, that you want Day/Night switching.
You are also able to enable a background png that switches day and night, too. If you want to edit the pngs, just edit SimClock_ClockBG_Day.png and SimClock_ClockBG_Night.png and overwrite to your windows directory. If you change back to not using a png then you have to restart sense.

These are the most impressive new features. Furthermore we added:

-Vibrate on Press
-Autoclose panels after a set time.
-Ability to set your own flashlight app.

We hope you enjoy this new Version of the SimClock and plz give us feedback

Originally Posted by Nordpolcamper

SimClock v2

As you can see we added some very handy options and addons into this Widget.

But before I tell you what we added I want you to know, that you can edit EVERYTHING in this Widget!

Now for the new features. There now is an option that displays your next alarm time and if you want it can also display how long until your alarm starts. Furthermore we included dunc's Battery widget into v2 so that you now have the battery indicator in 4 different Layouts in 1 Clock widget.
We added a second comm toggle panel which holds switches for Flight Mode, Phone, Data (the data toggle is just a disconnect switch when connected, it doesn't reconnect), Wifi, Bluetooth, Profile and Flashlight. In addition we extended the Quicklink Panel of v1 with anpther quicklink for the File Explorer of you choice.

To access all this amazing features there are 3 Press Areas:

This should give you a quick overview. By repressing the minute and hour digit press areas you can close the Panels again.

Well now the Menu. I have made a little image for you, so that you can see the layout of the JML Menu brought to you by poyensa

As shown you can change the color of all Battery Layouts, the Alarm and the "Time till Alarm", the Background, the Digits, the Date line, and the Line. Furthermore the line and the Backgrounds opacity are editable.
The Battery addition comes in 4 Layouts: Text Battery, Circle Battery with value, Circle Battery with value and % and Circle Battery without value. This way you have the full costumization ability for this Widget.
The Alarm Time etc of course only shows up, if you have an Alarm set
You can also set the path for your favourite File Explorer which than will be accessable by pressing the sixth quicklink. If you are using Resco Explorer you would need to enter \Program Files\Resco Explorer\Explorer.exe.
For any other Programs like Total commander, just find the .exe and then enter the path and you are done

If you want to access all these features you should install the JML MenuSense which you can download here.
If you dont install this you cannot access the Menu, but all the other stuff should be working

Ok that should be enough info We now hope, that you enjoy this widget in which we put much effort and time. Have fun with it^^

You can find the Cab at the end of this post

This is v1

Hi Guys,

its time for some stunned expressions on your faces

After a hard time getting this Widget and all the new features it contains ready we are proud to present to you the SimClock Widget!

This is a collaboration work between Dunc001 and me. Also we want to give tons of "Thank you's" to poyensa who integrated the MenuSense into the Widget and also scripted the .xmu-file!! Thank You!!

To access the extended Widget Settings Menu feature you must first have JMLMenuSense installed. There is no need, but we recommend you install "" made by JMHL which you can find right here.

This is necessary, so please make sure you install this!!

So but now for the Widget:

The SimClock Widget comes in 4 Layouts. These Layouts define the appearance of the Date text, as you can see in the 4 Screenshots above.

That alone of course isnt it.

Now for the special features :

The SimClock's black background panel reaches the whole screen and is resizable in height. Also when you are resizing it the Clock itself always stays the same size. Only the Background and the line are beeing stretched.

The really cool stuff is coming now:

When you press on the Digits or the Date Text a Quicklink Panel will open beneath the Widget. Within this Panel there are 5 Quicklinks:

World Clock
Calendar Tab

All of these Quicklinks work and take you to the respective tabs or menus

You can close this Panel by clicking on the Clock Widget again.

You should leave a little space beneath the SimClock Widget because if something is put right there, where the Quicklink Panel is supposed to be displayed, it will just be shown behind what ever you have put there. So leave a little space for the Quicklink Panel

If you want to place widgets like a weather widget etc onto the black background panel, you should keep in mind, that the SimClock will most likely be placed over the Widget. That is because the SimClock was the last Widget you installed.
To make it appear in the right fashion we would recommend you to check your registry and uninstall the Widget you have installed after your BG widgets, if you are using them or if not, just any other widget which occupies a slot with a number from 1-10.
If you just install the SimClock after that it will be installed in that very slot and be placed behind all the Widgets which are installed in higher slots

Most of you will know, that you can change colors etc via registry. Thanks to the help of poyensa we managed to make this process a whole lot easier!

When you press on the Clock and let the Quicklink Panel appear you can press into the Red marked area on the screenshot. This will then take you to the Menu you see next to the screenshot.

Within this Menu you can easily change the Color of ALL components, which are the Background, the Line, AM/PM text, Hour Time, Minute Time and Date. Furthermore you can set the opacity for the Background and the Line. This makes it very easy for you to costumize your SimClock and make it fit your personal desires.
A short screenshot of how it could look like can be seen above on the very right screenshot

The installation of this widget is as easy as the procedure for all the other Widgets.
Just install the Cab and softreset

We hope you enjoy this Widget^^

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8th March 2011, 11:35 PM |#2  
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Good fellows! Great job! Thanks guys!

there is one question:
in JMLMenuSense i set value background opacity "0", but little background all the same remains, this is normally? sorry for bad english
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot1.jpg
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8th March 2011, 11:50 PM |#3  
jdpl@'s Avatar
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Hi Nordpolcamper, Dunc & Poyensa,

Once again, BIG THANKS for sharing with the Xda family all this amazing work you guys are doing, we really appreciate it!!!

Best regards.
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9th March 2011, 12:16 AM |#4  
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Guys: You do a hell of a team.
And keep me installing stuff in my phone.
I better get a better phone...

9th March 2011, 12:37 AM |#5  
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Thats great , like Ive sad in Poy thred You , Poy , Manalas , Dunc and Mr Beo are great designers and make users and me much more happy. Thx to you and rest this platform is still alive and I don't want to change to anything else and about the dreamteam heh I'm a prophet or something Ive writed about making one in Poy thred not knowing that its Thx again Guys !
9th March 2011, 01:01 AM |#6  
Nordpolcamper's Avatar
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Thank you guys appreciate your compliments

Originally Posted by lapis21

Good fellows! Great job! Thanks guys!

there is one question:
in JMLMenuSense i set value background opacity "0", but little background all the same remains, this is normally? sorry for bad english
Attachment 537318

Hi lapis

you have to set the opacity to at least 1 if you set it to 0 then the press area will be visible and the background completely gone. So just set the opacity to 1 and everything should work
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9th March 2011, 01:11 AM |#7  
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Thumbs up WOW!
Awesome stuff as always. Great job Nordpolcamper,Dunc001 and poyensa!

Looking forward to installing!
9th March 2011, 01:17 AM |#8  
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I set the value background opacity "1", but a little background is different, it's how you can be fix something?
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot1.jpg
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9th March 2011, 01:31 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by lapis21


I set the value background opacity "1", but a little background is different, it's how you can be fix something?
Attachment 537340

Well I tried it on my device again and again And if I set the opacity to 1 then the background is gone completely

I would suggest you perform a softreset and then try again to adjust the opacity. You have to press Save and Exit if you change anything

If it still wont work plz try uninstalling and installing the widget again should the problems still be there, then plz tell me again^^
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9th March 2011, 01:46 AM |#10  
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went to the darkside with nandroid...but you guys keep pulling me back!
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