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[ROM][KK/LP][UNOFFICIAL] [SlimRoms] Builders Collective

OP ralpheboyo

29th August 2014, 03:19 PM   |  #1  
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First and foremost we would like to send out a huge

There are simply too many people working in the background and foreground to name. None the less THANK YOU for all your help, support and mostly for the good times!!!

Thanks to the SlimRom Team many users have started to create their own unofficial builds for personal use and for others to use, experience and enjoy with their respective unique setup. This thread will provide a compilation of a few SlimRom Unofficial Builds in one thread; in order to provide a quick glance of the various SlimRom updates and a forum to ask questions regarding builds or general question. If you are building some form or version which is based on SlimRom and you would like to be added pls just send me a pm.

The Builders Collection

Equip yourself with: Slim @Dankoman GAPPS and Slim F.A.Q

Here is a summary of all the SlimRoms we know about; If your rom is not included pls once again let me know:

@Hopper8 Thread Link
@mar5hal Thread Link The Candy Shop
@Minux31 Thread Link
@RobbieL811 Thread Link
@satyr007 Thread Link
@freak_97 Thread Link
@fusionjack Thread Link

Thank you to everyone for sharing your work and builds with the community!

(Tylog Approved)
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29th August 2014, 03:20 PM   |  #2  
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Ultra SlimRom

The purpose of my build is to have a "naked" version for bacon. Once my base build has been completed only a very few features will be added ensuring the rom is as close to naked as possible....plug in and enjoy...

Stock Slim

Ultra SlimRom Bacon

Change Log

Ultra SlimLP V 0.9
Removed MMS
Removed wallpapers
Added CM AudioFX
Added Gallery2
Added Email

Ultra SlimLp 0.7
CM Camera Panorama Fixed

SlimLP Sync to Alpha 0.6 (23;30~1.12.14)
Removed Cell Broadcast
Added CM camera (fc when selecting panorama mode)

SlimLP Alpha 0.5

Removed All Languages (Only English GB/USA in Rom)

- Browser
- Calculator
- Calendar
- Camera2
-Cell Broadcast
- DashClock
- DSPManager
- Galaxy4
- HoloSpiralWallpaper
- Music
- MusicFX
- PhotoTable
- PrintSpooler

Bacon Download

Follow me on Google+
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29th August 2014, 03:21 PM   |  #3  
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Hello Everyone. This post will contain my builds. A little about me. I've been a member of XDA since 2008(as you can see on the left) Started with a HTC Touch and released a few things for the phone before moving to android. I've been with android since the I9000 and have built custom roms/kernels since then(not really original work just modifying for my needs). In general i love everything about technology and am starting to look more at android app development. So here is my build.

Download links:


To be updated With SlimLP info when i have a little more time

SlimKat Info:

All builds feature LSN and network speed/activity in status bar. I build for Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Samsung Nexus S and Nexus 7 (2013). I'm also willing to build for other devices just send me a PM. The nexus 5 build uses g_smooth kernel which is based on code_blue kernel by @eng.stk and the nexus 4 kernel is built with linaro. I Also sometimes pick other things and they will be noted in build announcements.

The only devices i have are N5 and N7(2013) so if you encounter issues with any other device PLEASE report them right away

thanx to : the entire slim team @eng.stk for the great kernel @apb_axel for UKM & Synapse @Christopher83 for the tool chain

11-19-2014 NewBuilds

Slim 8.14 code sync

10-28-2014 New Builds

Slim 8.9 code
Added Enable Speaker on Proximity
Added a few other tweaks to framewors_base from Josue

10-26-2014 New Builds

Code_Blue sync
Fixed LSN with faceunlock
Re-added LSW
Moved LSW settings under LockScreen heading

10-21-2014 New Builds

Slim 8.8 code
BootMessage: show more info in boot dialog
LSN(Fixed to work with new settings layout)
Removed LSW for now till i have time to adapt it for new changes

10-15-2014 New Builds

Slim 8.6.1(not that this means anything for us)
Removed TRLS for now

Older Builds

10-14-2014 New Builds
Sync to slim 8.6
Hammerhead kernel synced to latest code_blue
Latest TRLS
Added in-call recorder from slim gerrit

10-10-2014 New Builds

Fixed mako thanx to @Garrykd for the testing
Added option to disable Heads up on lock screen
Latest TRLS commits

10-06-2014 New Builds
Sync to slim 8.4 code
Update code_blue to 422 code
Reverted to stock sounds for keyboard

10-02-2014 New Builds

Slim 8.2 code
Code_Blue sync

09-16-2014 New Builds

Slim 8.0 code
Camera2 (install google camera)

Device specific:
now has UKM and Synapse built-in. Only thing not working is gamma control
Kernel updated with changes to code_blue V376
Updated kernel toolchain to arm-cortex_a15-linux-gnueabihf-linaro_4.9.2-2014.09
Updated kernel toolchain to arm-cortex_a15-linux-gnueabihf-linaro_4.9.2-2014.09

09-12-2014 New builds

Crespo added

Slim 8.0-PCFR code update
PL and ITA translation updates pulled in
UKM updated to 3.4.3(Hammerhead only)

NewBuild 09-11-2014

New boot animation made by @scar45
Updated UKM to 3.4.2(Hammerhead only)
Something else see if you can find it
Pulled Arch specific optimization from slim gerrit

NewBuild 09-10-2014

Changed system sounds and notifications to 8-bit sounds by @jewellsimon http://forum.xda-developers.com/goog...-pack-t2663418 make sure you go into sound settings and pick new ringtone/notification

Added Heads-up color and transparency by dankoman

New Build 09-08-2014

Just a sync to Slim 7.9
Mako Kernel Toolchain updated to Linaro GCC 4.9.2-2014.08 optimized for Cortex-A15 cpu

New Build 09-06-2014(hammerhead only)

Added synapse to build.
Branded kernel to be unique still based on code_blue
Kernel Toolchain updated to Linaro GCC 4.9.2-2014.08 optimized for Cortex-A15 cpu

New Builds 09-05-2014

Synced to latest slim source and picked all latest version of included changes

Hammerhead build now has UKM built in just install synapse from play store and enjoy. thanx to @apb_axel for UKM and synapse.

That's pretty much it for this build


New Build 09-02-2014(Build is failing please hold...All green now)

New build building watch for them to go up.

Slim 7.8 source
LockScreen Wallpaper

New Build 08-30-2014

New builds going up soon(hopefully) These are mainly to test if my build script will auto upload the builds after they are done so if all works you should see new builds roll out in ~20min intervals from now.

A couple changes:

Removed soft reboot option
Added dankoman's recent card background/test color picker
Latest LSN code
Latest Slim code


Enjoy. And feel free to check out my blog and/or follow me on G+
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29th August 2014, 03:21 PM   |  #4  
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Angry twistedSLIM

Hello Guys!

Nice to have a place to post, & discuss variations of the amazing Slim
Many thanks to the Slim team and members of the main thread for all the inspiration & education


- Sabermod
- Elemental X Kernel
- Dark UI
- AudioFX
- Battery Percentage
- Network Monitor
- Long press back to Kill app
- Long press recents to swithc to previous app
- Ambient Display Timeout Slider
- Power Button in Notification Panel


- DarkUI (enabled by default)
- Network Meter (enable in Settings > Interface >Status Bar)

v 1.3
- Compiled using SaberMod 4.8
- Timeout Adjustment Slider for Ambient Display (thanks @dankoman. Access via Settings > Display)

- Long press Recents to switch to last app (Enabled by default)
- Power Button in notification panel for easy access to sleep/power menu (configure in Interface - Quick settings... see screenshot)

- AudioFX
- Battery percentage in battery icon (see screen shot)
- Long press back key to kill running app (enable in Developer options. 1.5 secs back press time required, toast to confirm app killed)

- ElementalX Kernel


Download v1.4:

Shamu (N6) - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95864024717069602
Hammerhead (N5) - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95864024717069603
Mako (N4) - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95864024717069610
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29th August 2014, 03:21 PM   |  #5  
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Hiya everybody it's nice to be here and nice to see you all

I've only been building since April with a slow machine that I wasn't even sure could handle the job. It has and I haven't looked back since. It's been a fun ride so far and I've learned an incredible amount. All thanks go to the Slim community. Without their support and guidance I probably wouldn't have even tried...so I owe you guys a lot

I am currently building for Hammerhead and Mako...

My builds are just vanilla slim builds for now, no fancy toolchains or anything. Usually up to date with slim's merged changes...possibly a few Slim "features in the works" cherry-picked for testing purposes

Download: https://s.basketbuild.com/devs/garrykd/Builds/

Updated December 17 : Latest builds feature:

SlimLP 5.0.2 Alpha 0.91


Current as of 9am EST

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29th August 2014, 03:22 PM   |  #6  
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Latest build update: 25 Dic 2014

SlimLP 0.9.1d mod for mako & hammerhead:
Download: https://s.basketbuild.com/devs/ezio84-xda

Dark theme: fix black reboot icon

----------Previous build:

- Dark settings and power menu:
(enabled by default)

- Statusar: bring back Network indicators
(enable under Interface - status bar - network traffic)

- Settings: Doze (ambient display) timeout

----------Previous build:

- Sim Pin unlock: fix github sync error adding the correct file code

- FWBase: Disabled lots of debugging:

- Power saver mode: add 10% and 20% values.

----------Previous build:

- Bring the baby back: longpress back button to kill the app
(enable under Developer settings)

- Bring another baby back: longpress recents to go to last app
(enabled by default)

- Quick tiles panel: Power menu button
(enable under Interface - Quick settings)
interface - quick settings - quick power button

- Launch SuperSU from Settings
If SuperSU is installed, show an entry in Settings below "Developer options", which launches SuperSU when tapped.
At boot time SuperSU will detect if com.android.settings contains the resources from this patch, and if so it will hide itself from the launcher.
Don't show Superuser option if SuperSU is installed

- Cyanogen AudioFX and Eleven player:

- Eleven: italian translation and latest CM updates

- Higher dpi value (=stock-20)

- Battery icon: enable in-icon percentage indicator

- Data Usage menu: show the WIFI tab by default

- Unknown source apk installation: enable by default

- Adv. reboot: enable it by default with no secured lockscreen

- Remove AOSP Browser

- Updater-script: show build and device info in the recovery log during the rom zip flashing

Tips of the day:
- A good track to listen while apps are optimized at boot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgovv8jWETM
- Before flashing a kernel, try the stock Slim one.

PS: if you have problems, call A-team or clean flash.
PS2: consider this build as a test, a lot of changes are on the way by the Slim devs.


Some goodies:


Quick tutorials:

Old Slimkat build:
Download: https://s.basketbuild.com/devs/ezio84-xda
Additional Slimkat features:
+ Compiled with sabermod4.8 + Justarchi's O3, upgraded from stock Google/Slim SQLite 3.7.11 (2012) to SQLite 3.8.6 (2014), switch from FloatMath to Math in framework_base, stock Slim kernel.
+ Lollipop fonts and bootanimation
+ Embedded Screen Recorder. You can choose the video bitrate or record the audio from the mic. When the record is stopped, a screenshot-style preview notification is showed. Settings are under "System tools > Screen Recorder". You can start it with Power+VolumUp or enable an entry in the power menu.
+ Show which apps are being optimized when rebuilding art/dalvik.
+ Battery saver: switch to 2g when screen off. If your carrier has 2G support you could save some battery enabling the power saving mode (when display is off) under Settings > More... > Mobile networks. If you need LTE and the network mode doesn't switch to 4g, you have to disable this feature.
+ New TRLS mode. Best way to handle it is to enable the automatic trds switch (daytime or light conditions). After a clean flash, switch TRDS on/off one time to activate it.
+ InCall Vocal Recorder. When a call is opened, a record button appears, click on it to record the call. TIps: enable the external speaker to record the interlocutor's voice too. In the Dialer settings you can choose the audio file format. In the call history you can play all recorded calls with a specific contact.
+ Simple Explore by DF1E instead of Slim File Manager (same small size, material interface, a lot of fixes and updates).
+ Lockscreen notifications, settings are under "Security". Enable and disable "privacy mode" the first time you flash the rom to get it working as expected.
+ Pocket mode, settings are under "Security". Screens goes on when you extract the phone from the pocket, goes off when you put it back in the pocket.
+ "Lockscreen wallpaper" and "See through" features. To enable "See through" go to "Security>See Through", to enable LsW go to "Display>Wallpaper>Lockscreen" and choose your image then apply a blur effect if you want it. Please don't enable both features.
+ Disable heads up in lockscreen, useful if you have already enabled lockscreen notifications; settings are under “Interface > Notifications & QS”.
+ Disable 2tap2sleep on the statusbar, it’s a really nice feature but some users would like to disable it when using a cover and the screen is accidentaly double tapped; settings are under "Interface > Status bar".
+ Network upload and download speed in the statusbar; settings are under "Interface > Status bar".
When it can be useful? E.g.: "Right now I'm uploading the build with my phone to Androidfilehost, and I have Chrome in background while writing on Tapatalk and hangouts. With the upload speeds shown in the status bar I can check if the upload process is still going fine."
+ Advanced download manager (expand the downloads notification and you'll be able to pause/resume or stop them); enabled by default.
+ Removed the white camera icon in the lockscreen when the camera widget is disabled.

Some old Slimkat github commits if you want to check the source or build by yourself (you can also fork my repos https://github.com/ezio84?tab=repositories)
- To add the Screen Recorder:
Here are the commits:
[1/3]: https://github.com/ezio84/frameworks...37e2b14fe2b4b7
[2/3]: https://github.com/ezio84/packages_a...6bb6b4c9505364
[3/3]: https://github.com/ezio84/vendor_sli...f704c78f66956c

The line to add in your local manifest:
(you can add the original ChameleonOS project if don't need the italian translation: https://github.com/ChameleonOS/andro...ScreenRecorder)

I added the Screen Recorder preference screen to my "System tools" menu, if you want to move it just cut these lines from "packages/apps/Settings/res/xml/slim_advanced_settings.xml":
            android:fragment="com.android.settings.slim.ScreenRecorderSettings" />
and paste them in another menu xml file.

- To add Lollipop fonts:
Add these lines to the local manifest:
  <!-- Switch to L fonts -NB also need to change files in fwbase data fonts- -->
  <remove-project path="external/naver-fonts" name="platform/external/naver-fonts" />
  <remove-project path="external/noto-fonts" name="platform/external/noto-fonts" />
  <remove-project path="external/sil-fonts" name="platform/external/sil-fonts" />
  <project path="external/naver-fonts" name="platform/external/naver-fonts" groups="pdk-cw-fs" revision="refs/tags/android-5.0.0_r1" />
  <project path="external/noto-fonts" name="platform/external/noto-fonts" groups="pdk" revision="refs/tags/android-5.0.0_r1" />
  <project path="external/fonttools" name="platform/external/fonttools" revision="refs/tags/android-5.0.0_r1" />
  <project path="external/google-fonts/coming-soon" name="platform/external/google-fonts/coming-soon" groups="pdk-cw-fs" revision="refs/tags/android-5.0.0_r1" />
  <project path="external/google-fonts/dancing-script" name="platform/external/google-fonts/dancing-script" groups="pdk-cw-fs" revision="refs/tags/android-5.0.0_r1" />
  <project path="external/google-fonts/carrois-gothic-sc" name="platform/external/google-fonts/carrois-gothic-sc" groups="pdk-cw-fs" revision="refs/tags/android-5.0.0_r1" />
  <project path="external/google-fonts/cutive-mono" name="platform/external/google-fonts/cutive-mono" groups="pdk-cw-fs" revision="refs/tags/android-5.0.0_r1" />
Then go here https://android.googlesource.com/pla...r1/data/fonts/
click on the small "[tgz]" link at the top and put downloaded files in your /frameworks/base/data/fonts/ after removing existing ones.

- To show which apps are being optimized when rebuilding art/dalvik:

- To switch from floatmath to math in frameworks_base:

- To add battery saver 2g mode when screen off:

- To add the Omnirom Screen Recorder, ready for Slimkat:

- To add inCall CM recorder:

-To let SlimCenter notify the user about updated versions of your build:

-To add "Lsw" and "see through":

- To add "advanced download manager":
For the download manager, you need:
- this commit in frameworks_base:
- then fork this omnirom project to your github:
- then use your fork instead of the slim default one (.repo/default.xml), e.g.:
 <project path="packages/apps/Settings" name="ezio84/packages_apps_Settings" remote="github" revision="kk4.4" />
 <remove-project path="packages/providers/DownloadProvider" name="SlimRoms/packages_providers_DownloadProvider" />
- done (you don't need the [2/2] commit).

- To add "floating mode":

- To add "Lockscreen notifications":

- To add "Disable heads up in lockscreen":
https://github.com/ezio84/packages_a...b132042a081ffa <-- EDIT: add manually only the code in res/values/slim_strings.xml, other 2 java files are not needed because those lines are now in another place -see following commits)
https://github.com/ezio84/packages_a...e28f4576469426 <-- EDIT: not needed, merged in the official Slim code
https://github.com/ezio84/packages_a...87533db3303d3e <-- EDIT: already added in the previous commit now

- To add "Disable 2tap2sleep on the statusbar":

- To add "Network upload and download speed in the statusbar":

- To remove "system updates check" in the about screen:

- To remove the white camera icon in the lockscreen:
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29th August 2014, 03:22 PM   |  #7  
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This is for the Opti-SlimLP builds i'm doing. Will be doing my best to stay on top of things with
time permitting it. Be sure to check out and follow the google + community. Right now I only have
a Nexus 5 (hammerhead) so that is all I build for. I am willing to try for other devices but blind builds
might not turn out that great. Flash and Enjoy.

Changelog: Updated 12-15-14

Up to date with SlimLP Alpha 0.9
Rom built with Sabermod 4.8
Lots of Optimizations from @Cl3Kener ( he is the boss at this stuff)
Various Commits to help improve the smoothness
Added power saver modes for a little more selection on when to kick in
Launch SuperSu from settings if installed
Removed Dsp and Apollo
Added Eleven and AudioFX from CM
Clear Recents (even though I know it's not good)
Adjusted fully battery light to 98% instead of 90%
Changed Dpi from 370 to 445
Added Bootanimation from @Garrykd

Kernel built it Sabermod 4.9
Underclock to 96 mhz
Overclock to 2.5
Gpu overclock to 533mhz
added Fiops I/O scheduler
added Nightmare and Slim Governor in
Backlight dimmer option
various other commits to help with power and battery (hopefully )

Downloads Dev Host

Download Android File Host

Aow1980 Github

G+ Community

Thanks to @eng.stk , @Cl3Kener , @flar2 , @franciscofranco and many others for the kernel work they do. Please stop by and give them the thanks they truly
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29th August 2014, 03:23 PM   |  #8  
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efan3719's Builds
Image courtesy the great and powerful @Garrykd

Hello all! Just let me give a big thanks to the Slim Team for providing such an awesome ROM to work with. And a big thanks to the community, especially the builders, that have helped me get to where I'm at.

I currently build for the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 2013, and Moto G as those are the devices I own.

About my builds: My builds are mostly Stock Slim with a few cherry picks for things I want to have. Usually these are things actively being worked on by the Slim Team that I don't want to wait for to be merged into the next weekly/stable. As I learn more I am going to try to include things from elsewhere, and maybe build with different kernels and such.

Current build : SlimKat 8.9 with Status Bar Network Speed, and Lock Screen Wallpaper.

Hammerhead Builds : AFH or Dev-Host

Flo Builds : AFH or Dev-Host

Falcon Builds : AFH

And to any of those looking to get into this whole building thing, let me just say if you can flash a ROM you can build one. For me it started out not wanting to wait for Jenkins for the new weeklies. And I've slowly learned to add a few things here and there. Slim has an awesome community ready to help out, just like they did for me.
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29th August 2014, 03:23 PM   |  #9  
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What I'll post here will be basically the Slim stock with some cherry-picks of features I like and that are not (maybe yet) merged into the rom itself, plus as many optimizations as I can - as long they do not harm the rom stability in any way. Features and stability, i.e like the original one

Thanks to the rom's developers for this wonderful rom, to commit's authors for sharing their work with the community, to @Garrykd for the beautiful logos, to @ralpheboyo and to the Builders Collective, especially to @ezio84 who first introduced me to the intricacies of git, for giving me the opportunity to share my fun with others. Kudos to all of them!!!

New build SlimKat Weekly 8.20 (Nexus 5 Hammerhead)

ROM Compiled with latest SaberMod 4.8.4

- JustArchi's Optimizations V3
- Lockscreen Wallpaper with Blur or Transparency
- Boot screen showing apps' name while android upgrade

SlimPop 0.91 Christmas Edition (Nexus 5 Hammerhead)

ROM Compiled with latest Linaro 4.8 and Optimized with -O3 Optimizations

- Themed Material Black - All that white is gone
- Network Speed Indicators on the status bar
- Quick Tiles: Power Menu button
- Longpress Back Button to Kill App
- Longpress Recents to go to last app

Please notice that latest SlimLP zipfiles doesn't flash on Multirom as secondary without some changes to the updater-script, see the main SlimLP thread for details. If you use Multirom grab the Multirom version

BasketBuild - SlimKat
BasketBuild - SlimPop
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29th August 2014, 03:23 PM   |  #10  
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Reserved 4
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