Default Future of the ZGPAX?

I am currently in the market for a "smart" watch as the trend of wearable tech is growing all around me. So far the ZGPAX seems like the best device for my personal use.
I have done plenty of research about the ZGPAX and it is hard to tell how many developers are interested in supporting and developing it. Aside from BigBison420s awesome work, it is hard to find any other support for the device.

Though there seems to be a lot of people that own the ZGPAX watch, I see very little actual footage or reviews of the watch in action.
The hardware of the device seems to be very good in comparison to other "smart" watches currently on the market; even considering it having a 2 year old CPU.
As with any device; the hardware is important, but software and software support are integral to a devices sustainability in our ever growing tech world.

So without further ado I present you with my questions.
1. What is the future of the ZGPAX smartwatch?
2. Will the developer of the ZGPAX release future OS upgrades?
3. Will the XDA community take on the ZGPAX as its Android/Watch love child and further support the device with future custom ROMS?
4. Will the ZGPAX miraculously get a custom Android Wear Port?

I might be asking these questions all too soon as smart watch tech has only kicked off in the past few years, but if you know any good information about the ZGPAX please do share..
Thanks for reading.