Default [Q] amami with latest AICP nightly WiFi hotspot not working

I'm using the AICP rom for my amami.
Version: aicp_amami_kitkat-5.0-NIGHTLY-20140818 (latest)

And I'm having an issue with the portable wifi hotspot.
When I check the box next to "Portable WiFi Hotspot", the status underneath the title remains on "Turning hotspot on"..
It doesn't change, I don't see the hotspot icon show up in the statusbar.
My laptop seems to be able to see the WiFi network my phone creates, it prompts for the password, it connects, but no network access, no internet access.
My laptop is an HP Elitebook 840 G1, Windows 7 Pro.

It's as if the phone cannot make a connection between its mobile internet and the wifi hotspot it created.

Any ideas?

AICP crew? (I would have posted directly in the development thread of this ROM but I'm a new user to XDA and I'm not allowed to post in a dev thread.. >< )