Default [Q] Bootloop after editing built.prop [SOLVED]

Dear all, I Need Your help!

Xperia Z1 Compact, rooted with EasyRootTool
Stock Rom 4.4.2
Stock Recovery+Bootloader (LOCKED)


I edited my built.prop (made changes to "Samsung" to try to get gear fit-Apps working)

After a restart I am now stuck in boot-loop:
only see the Sony-logo (xperia-logo does not appear)

This is what I tried without success:
- boot into recovery (did not work because it is stock+locked?)
- connect the phone via ADB, Sony Flashtool, Odin (was not able to get a connection)

Do You have any idea what I could do now?

Thanks, Joe

Problem solved.
Maybe there would have been a better way, but I finally could flash the stock Rom via Flashtool.