Default [MOD] Unlock ls980 on any aosp based rom for NON US GSM carriers

Hi all. Just want to share what i did and finally made it to make any aosp rom i have tried so far to recognize my sim card with great signal and data (can't test 4G not supported by my carrier). The only aosp based roms that anyone with ls980 can have gsm unlock without doing anything at all are omni and all omni based like dirty unicorns. These need the JB baseband though (i had no sound and auto rotation with cloudyfa's kk baseband).

In the past days tried many aosp with no luck. I was going to phone information (*#*#4636#*#*) and changing from there the preferred network to gsm only/gsm auto prl etc and rebooting but after the reboot not asking for sim pin code and when going to phone info again it was like i changed nothing. What finally worked is from same settings set the preferred network type to GSM auto PRL and then pressing the 3 dots at the top right corner>select radio band and setting USA BAND. Then rebooted and finally sim recognized asking for my pin code and all working great with auto apn settings already there for my carrier. Hope i help anyone being in the same situation. Confirmed working with Alegen Rom-temasek's Build - V7 (my current choice), mahdi and vanir all with kk baseband of course. Sorry for my English.