Unhappy [Q] dead after tried unbrick method sbl1.img 2- aboot.img 3- rpm.img 4- tz.img

bad flash on my ls980 resulted in "bulk mode"
WHEN booting it shows only LG logo with secure booting error.
so I used the rebuilding or replacing partition method here http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2582142
and now the unit won't do anything with any combination of butttons, cable inserts, different cords. left connected overnight.
Now NO BLINK, No logo, no backlight, MUERTO, ded, finito.
it was recognized by Win7 as Qualcomm HSUSB_BULK and now it says "unable to find driver."
Please help?
(i downloaded the proper files for the ls980 before using ubuntu to command them to the phone.)