Default Rom Building/Customizing/Editing

Can anyone assist me in rom building/editing.

The synopsis: I have two G2 roms (one is a G3 port). I want to pull some visual framework files (notifications panel, status bar, etc) and the phone dial-pad from one, and inject it into the other
I have the customized rom cooked, but I can't get the sysui from FC with the pulled framework files and when I take it back to the original files so it will not FC, the dial-pad I pulled from the G2 rom does work, BUT has some graphical issues.

I am now at the precipice of my knowledge, and don't think I can debug any further, so asking for assistance.
Network: AT&T
Current Rom: ViperXL 4.2.0
Kernel: ElementalX

HTC Inspire 4G
HTC Incredible 2