Default Cricket Disconnecting Gsm

Hello everyone, I've made alot of post recently and none of them have actually been answered so this is my last attempt to asking for help.

I've flashed my phone to cricket, calls work only on gsm, they used to work on lte/cdma but no longer work (I'm guessing that's cricket fault). However the main problem is that whenever I connect to cricket with gsm it disconnects almost immediately or two minutes later, I've been trying out different radios but that doesn't seem to help.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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The living
Phone: Sprint lg Optimus G
Kernel version: 3.40
Baseband version: BLS970ZVB
Build number: CM_ls970-userdebug 4.3

Tablet: Galaxy tab 2 7.0
Kernel version: 3.0.31-Cm
Baseband version: Unknown
Build number: pac_p3110