Default S6000 deep sleep observations

Yesterday I bought a S6000L tablet and I like it so far.

After having it standby for one night I have the following questions/observations:

•During standby (8 hours, WiFi off) the S6000 MT8389 will not enter deep sleep and stays on 1200mHz, is this normal behaviour? (checked with CPU Spy).
•Found a similar experience with the deep sleep here on XDA (other Lenovo model, same chipset): . This was eventually "cured" by a custom rom/kernel, so it seems that deep sleep is possible.
•I checked network connectivity (by pinging the S6000) and WiFi is disconnecting as it should when screen off (have this set under advanced WiFi settings). WiFi always on could be a source for no deep sleep.
•The battery usage was about 4% in 8 hours so 0,5% per hour seems reasonable. I just don't understand how this is possible with no deep sleep.

Maybe I'm to anal by this deep sleep according to the 0,5% drainage per hour but I'm thinking it could be better .

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