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43718 before

43292 after

All I did was reboot into recovery, flash the ZIP and then run the test, same clock speed etc..
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You guys make me sad. Benchmarks are not now, nor will they ever be, an acceptable means for telling you how capable your device is. Your scores in AnTuTu are about as capable of telling you your phone's speed as your ESN is at telling people who your phone belongs to. It is just arbitrary numbers that will fluctuate up and down based on the slightest inconsistencies.

Drivers, just like in Windows/Linux/Mac, are meant to optimize the performance of your hardware. That's it. This driver likely optimizes the GPU cycles to make it more efficient and lower heat output while performing better in games. You know why hardware review sites start out with benchmarks saying what it can do in a perfect world but still ends the review by telling you it gets 75 FPS in Borderlands 2? They do that because while synthetic tests are nice, what would be the point if our games don't play better? It is the same concept here.

I'm begging you, uninstall AnTuTu, re-install your favorite mobile game and just base performance off of whether it plays better or not.

Side Note: Drivers didn't appear to do anything in AOSP CM11 when I gave it a try. Sorry I am so late on reporting in, college takes up a lot of my time. Also, using the GPU to draw your applications does eat more battery whether you use these drivers or not. So there is no marked improvement from lowering CPU speed and using GPU only to render.
I figured since the OP stated he got less points in Antutu, I would go ahead and use the same app and test to compare...

F*ck me right?

Regardless, I don't notice anything different either, my stats are in the sig.
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