Default LG G3 D851 Return To Stock

The ioroot guys working with Purple Drake are really working their magic over there, especially thecubed and autoprime.

I'm gonna wait to root until an OTA or two comes out (but I will block OTAs, since I don't want to lose my unlocked bootloader).

But I'm having a hard time following the methods for returning to stock. Seems most of the tutorials thus far are either a) for other devices, or b) the English is a bit broken. I'm not judging, major props to these guys, but I just want to make sure I don't do something I can't undo.

Have any of you returned your D851s to stock after rooting? How did it go? Smoothly? Any unexpected problems? Anything you wish someone has made a bit clearer before you started? Better yet, if you've found a great, clear set of instructions for our 851s, point me I that direction! (just haven't seen one yet in my searches).

I'm new to the LG scene, coming from Nexus devices, so I'm a tad of a noob at this. (No g2 experience, or anything).

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