Cool [APP][4.0+] Automate Alpha, feedback wanted

Iíam looking for participants in the closed Alpha of my coming app Automate. I need feedback!
The app lets you automate tasks on your device, similar to Tasker.

To participate, join the alpha forum:

Then, opt-in as tester and download from Google Play:

Here is list of features thatís, hopefully, going to make Automate unique:
  • Modular security. Many may be hesitant to install an app that requires every Android permission to be useful. Only grant Automate the permissions that youíre actually using.
  • Logical presentation. You edit a flowchart which makes it easy to follow whatís going happen.
  • Everything included. If an action is useful, include it in the app so you donít have to rely on (pricy) add-ons. Automate currently have 150+ actions, more is coming.
  • Simple, yet powerful. Power-users should be able to use variables and expressions everywhere, but novices can select from predefined options.
  • Self-contained. Automation flows should be self-contained and safe to shared among users. A community part is coming.