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Hi, guys, I've launched security testing service ( for mobile apps, which can download and analyse (static) app right from store (iTunes or Play). It can be useful for security-concerned developers, information security officers and bughunters.

Mission is to create security testing tool, which

- Informs developer about actual problems and fixes, without huge mind blowing listings and traces
- Doesn't require any maintaining environment on developers side
- Can be simply added into development cycle, like "Yet another testing tool"

Current version performs static analysis and identifies critical and suspicious information in bundle:

- Certificates and keys
- Authentication secrets
- License Control
- Compilation flaws, and other.

Known Bugs:
- It can't download paid apps
- It can't download apps restricted for regions (iTunes)
- It can't download apps restricted for devices (Play)

I hope you'll find it usefull and I'm counting on your feedback

You can read more about it or in blog