Lightbulb No tmobile data on Unlocked Vs980 4.4.2 what's the Deal?

There's 100 people out there trying to use vs980 on Tmobile,we see many posts prior to kk update of people showing images and giving detailed ways to enable lte or Any data period,
As it stands now for some,reason vzw g2 will not allow any tmobile data let alone lte or hspa on the kk vs98024A firmware '
Someone had got to know its either something to do with stock vzw firmware or some,kind of block or what? No apn settings In this world work While on official kk
But when the jb 11a and 12b was around stuff worked
Is there a work around a valid and knowledgeable work around or fix Anyone with correct knowledge of this issue have any input?
Otherwise I'm,selling the phone today.
We can use note 3 easily enuff and vzw iPhones out of the box but the Vzw g2 isn't being easy
Its almost as if all the talk of working data is comic, and people standing by their word of being able to flash T-Mobile g2 rom on this variant with a patch. Zip

Any help would help many