Question [Q] New to Verizon Note 3 and have questions....

I am new to Galaxy note 3 and have questions. I just obtained this device and want to upgrade to this N3 from my current N2. Here's the deal:

This Galaxy Note 3 has safestrap installed and the Android version is 4.4.2. The baseband version is N900VVRUCNC4. (From the About Phone screen).

I am new to Safestrap and like I say the device has safestrap on it.

How can I install another ROM?

I would like to remain with TouchWiz, but also like my Note 2, I want to be able to use the native hotspot app- I have grandfathered unlimited data and currently use it on my Note 2 to tether for free.

Please forgive these dumb questions, but I am hoping I found the right place to be able to get me in the right direction. A family member will be receiving my Beanstown Galaxy Note 2.

Thanks so much in advance.