Default Text and calls not going through. Message apps freezing and failing to show notificat

So my note 3 is rooted. Ss. Nc2 leak nc4 recovery and radio. This last week all my messaging apps have failed. Kik. Skype. Facebook messenger, snapchat and text plus. . I use handcent sms for texting but have tried stock and hangouts with no change of people never getting my messages. It all started after. The Samsung account thing popped up in my notification. The texting and called started not going to the receiver today where the other apps stopped a week ago with the reason I just stated. . I am considering doing a full Odin to the official nc4 and rooting /Ss as I don't plan on going back to jb from Kk. . Would that be the best and more user friendly way to try to eliminate the problem.
Rocking out on: VZ Note 3 Rooted, Safe Strap, NC2
Tablet: Nexus 7 (2013) Unlocked, collecting dust
Apple: iPod touch 5th gen iOS 7.1, gave up on that thing, not worth my time when i have a note
Computer: Late 2013 MBPr, 2.6 ghz i7, Nvidia GTX 750m 1TB SSD, 16GB Ram With dual boot for windows 8.1 pro