Call recording on VZW M8 on Bluetooth?

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It's my understanding that some phones (like Motorola Photon 4G, my second phone) actually protect the phone call... audio stream? order to avoid legal liability. But I'm wondering if we can do it on our M8's.

Not sure if you've heard, but the Internet really, really does not like Comcast, provider of cable TV service to a large portion of the United States (though, fortunately not here). Reddit is no exception. And a guy posted on Reddit today (or maybe yesterday) that Comcast tried to stick him with over $100 in fraudulent fees, and he was only able to get them reversed by producing a recording of a call in which a Comcast rep told him they would do outside repair work for free. They even confirmed that, without that recording, the customer would have been stuck with the bill.

Like anything else, you should know your rights. 38 states are what is known as "One-party consent" or "Single party consent" states. This means that in these states, if you make a recording, it's legal because you consented. The other party doesn't even have to know. Two-party consent, how the other 12 states do it, means both parties must be aware. If you are called by, or you call a business and they declare that they are recording, you have the right to record as well. By staying on the line, you give consent, and they already have by declaring the recording, so both parties are free to record. Most businesses use the generic, "This call may be monitored for quality purposes." Despite the vague 'monitored' word, they're declaring that they are recording, and you're consenting by staying on the line. [Source] (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am not your lawyer.)

That being said... I live in the state of North Carolina; thus, any call I record is legal as I have consented to being recorded by pressing the record button, or by using an app that does so automatically.

I've tried about 3-4 apps, and none of them actually record a call. I'm not sure if their actual intended purpose is indeed to record, or just to deliver ads... But they certainly don't record.

I have the Xposed module Xsense which adds on-demand call recording (menu, Start Recording from call screen) but all it records is the person using the phone, not the other line... which is kind of the point.

The call recording app should support Bluetooth... It should be recording the call stream as it comes into and out of the phone, not what it can pick up from the speaker. That's sloppy.

I generally only deal with honest companies, when I can help it... I use CenturyLink for internet and they've always been good to me. But my wife wants details, like I can recite the entire call verbatim. I think if I email her a few call recordings, she'll stop asking. I joke, but it's a serious inquiry. It's good to note things like confirmation numbers, as well as details one might forget. One can simply take notes, but a voice recording is so much better, especially if there's a dispute as to what is said.

It just seems like something that would be good to have. Maybe not in stock ROMs. I can see that. But anything custom? Yeah, flip the switch on. Like disabling the camera shutter sound. You know where that's illegal? Japan. Couple years ago it was a big deal. All the custom ROMs would warn you it might be illegal. But if you're not in Japan, it's perfectly legal to silence your shutter. It's still not legal to take pictures up skirts and down blouses, which was the root issue in Japan that prompted the law, or to take pictures in bedrooms or bathrooms without consent, but disabling the shutter sound? Not a problem. (Again, I'm not a lawyer, and not your lawyer.)

Anyway... anybody able to do it on the M8?
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call recording

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