Default Volume buttons stuck. Any suggestions?

So the other day I noticed my volume buttons not working properly, I decided to take it out of the case. I notice the volume down button is just well, stuck... So I press volume up and the down button comes up a little but not like it should. I press the volume down again, darn same thing. Push up and it comes out a little. I tried for a while to get it unstuck to no cigar :/ so while listening to music, when I press volume down instead of going down 1 click it goes all the way down to nothing. Today I've figured out a perfect pressure to turn down just 1 notch at a time. It's just kind of annoying because on any AOSP ROM it picks up that I'm CONSTANTLY pressing volume down causing me to do legit nothing... So I can't really run AOSP comfortably... No problem as I'm on Insert Coin. Just any suggestions would be appreciated for trying to the volume rocker back to normal.

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