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Anyone come from a G2?

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Originally Posted by scottysize View Post
Ditto. ^^^^

If it wasn't for the $99, and I had to pay the $600, no way I'd switch. The G2's a great phone and will still be going strong a year from now. Heck, two years from now.
Double ditto here. I LOVED my G2 (on Verizon), and even though I'm only a week in with the G3, I still miss it (a little) - the G3's pros:

*screen is bigger
*removable back/battery/SD card
*stock ROM is more tolerable (though I still use Nova Launcher)
*lighter than G2/feels better/back isn't gross
*rear keys are much improved

For me, it was a no brainer - sold my G2 to a buddy, then used the profit to do alternate upgrade and swap out the phones. Made a little cash and got a newer, free phone. At $199 or full retail I probably would have held only my G2 though. I will say my G3 seems to handle the 3G/4G handoffs a little better, my G2 (where I work, I get horrible, horrible signal strength) would get hot during the day and often I would shut off mobile data to preserve the battery. The G3 will get me thru a day at work even with the terrible connection without shutting data off. The battery life is very acceptable, with a fully day of usage (yesterday as an example on a 50/50 mix of LTE & WiFi I got to just over 5 hours SOT, 16 hours off a charge and had 6% left, and did a fair bit of video streaming during that time) for my needs easily.

For free/cheap, I'd say do it if the size doesn't bother you. Someone else in the thread mentioned it doesn't LOOK bigger, but it FEELS bigger. I'd say that nails it right on the head. At full retail, I'd say stick with what you've got.

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Wife has the G2. I got it for her about 2 months ago.
If the G2 had a removable sd I would have gotten it over the GS4 I bought last year.
I came from a GS4.

Anyway, with the G2 and G3 side by side, you know they are both LG and Verizon.
G3 is a little taller but not much wider.
My wife has a bulkier case on her phone and I have a thin case on mine.
Now with them side by side they are about the same size.

If it's size you are worried about, I was too.
With the screen on the phone looks MASSIVE, because the screen is.
But on the positive, they were able to fit a phablet size screen in something that is about the same size as the G2, Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

I wouldn't take my GS4 back if you paid me.
But the G3 as an upgrade to a G2??? Only if a removable battery and/or SD support is important.
Only the SD is important to me.
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I have to agree with 99% of the above statements. I went from a Note 2 to a G2 for a few months and now the G3. I really liked the smallness of the G2 compared to the bulk of the Note 2. Thought I was not going to like going back up to a 5.5 but LG made it more manageable. Overall upgrade from G2 to G3, I would not recommend unless you need the removable battery and SD card. No performance gain to be had, and some applications have proven it to take a hit between the two. I can imagine the screen makes for most of the performance hit. But it does look great and takes awesome pictures and video. The only reason I upgraded was the good price and the old G2 will be replacing a Nexus on another line.
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