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Dell Streak 10/Flashing Guide

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Getting Started

Requirements to use this guide

  • Basic understanding of your OS's command prompt/shell
  • (Windows:) Ability to install drivers
  • Zip utility
    • Winzip
    • Winrar
    • 7-Zip
  • Ability to enter fastboot mode and recovery mode on Streak
  • Fastboot installed and set up properly

Boot modes

Entering recovery mode on device

  1. Turn device off
  2. Press pinhole reset button
  3. Hold down Volume Up + Power simultaneously until recovery appears
  4. Finished

Entering APX mode on device

See also APX mode.
  1. Turn device off
  2. Press pinhole reset button and Power simultaneously until logo appears
  3. Finished


Setting up NVflash for windows

See also nvflash.
  1. (Incomplete)