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Reporting A Problem - Android

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These steps should help you as the user communicate issues effectively to the developer

hello everyone, i am using samsung galaxy y for 2 years . i am using s4 companion rom now i want to use my original stock rom. i had taken backup of stock rom i want to use it now but when i restore it it hows blank imei pls help me. thank you

Post at particular Thread that you have encounter problem

  1. If you have a problem/bug to report on XXX Rom.Do Report on XXX Rom Thread & not YYY Rom or other's
  2. If there's a Solution/FAQ Page for the particular rom do report on the thread instead the [DEV] thread
  3. Doesn't require to open a thread on the Android Development Forum.It's just spam at there.We hate it(I mean you not suppose to)

Do Not Use The Private Message Button

  1. Please Never Ever Send Any PM to developers just to report the bug you encountered. Post it on the particular thread that is mentioned
  2. Developers/OP will have an eye on it. Therefore doesn't need to send PM to report your's
  3. Do appreciate the work of the developers & respect that they have their own time too. Keep your question(s) on thread

Read OP Pages At least twice

  1. The place where you should have all the info you need.
  2. Read every single notice/quote/information/instruction/faq/other's written page
  3. Do not just head to the download section and press the download
  4. Look at every info on which particular thing you need and what you should do to install it

Follow ALL the instruction given

  1. When the OP Posted Wipe Cache & Dalvik. It means to select that particular option only
  2. If the OP Posted Use Only Select/Recommend Kernel. Please flash/install particular kernel only
  3. Follow each and all instruction properly(No lazyness/Skipping) any one of those

Search through thread whether the similar problem has been reported

  1. Let say you have setting fc's everytime you enable the sound option. Do search before whether other user have reported it or not
  2. If The Particular Problem/Bug has been reported. No need for another user to report it.(Duplicating post)

Give Proper Report

  • Give A Report Such As This
  1. What steps/instruction did you do/use?
  2. Did you try wipe & cache?
  3. Did you try it more than twice?
  4. What kernel you are running on?
  5. Which version of build you are having problem with?
  6. Do Explain the problem clearly. If you have a random reboot upon selecting theme manager, do report that it's due to the theme manager not just saying "I have random reboot"
  7. If possible provide a screenshot
  8. Do provide an adb logcat (everyone on this forum should have at least logcat skill)
  9. This is one of the best answer for the dev/op to fix if your unable to describe all the problem

Do not ask or force the OP/Developers to fix the problem

  1. No matter what problem you are having, no words such as "Please" fix the problem
  2. Developers have their own time, they choose to fix what they want, You don't pay for what you download

Take your third party installation problem away

  1. Let say you have installed a third party mod (Ex: Beats Audio) ,if you encountered any problem please post on the beats audio thread instead
  2. If You having problem by supercharging or installing any third party patch do take to the particular thread or keep it on your own.

Stop Asking Whether Will This Work Or Not

  1. Facepalm: Please try it yourself or see comments by other users.
  2. If you want to know just install and test it yourself
  3. If your afraid bricking then never go near a development thread. There's always a Risk!

Press thanks button to user/devs that helped you

Provide logcats whenever possible

  1. Dmesg using simple terminal emulator on your device:

   $ su
   # dmesg >/mnt/sdcard/dmesg.txt
   # logcat -d -v time >/mnt/sdcard/logcat.txt
   Attach dmesg.txt and logcat.txt to your problem report.