Default [WP8 GAME] Beaver Kickin' - Windows phone worldwide release

Hi guys!

We're Kratavrat - small game dev studio from Ukraine, Odessa.

And we would like to present our first Windows Phone game -

Chop trees - collect logs!

Beaver Kickin' - infinite runner about flying beaver wearing funny outfits where you can fly,chop trees and collect logs like a real Mighty Beaver.
Upgrade your beaver by purchasing upgrades and items to set the best distance record in the entire forest.

*Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
*Different locations for flying
*Infinite levels - infinite possibilities for the records to set
*Different upgrades for your beaver
*Funny costumes fro beaver and lumberjack
*Buch of items and bonuses
*Missions,Achievements and Rewards!
*Comics for each level

Update 1.1:
*Facebook integration - share your records & invite friends
*Custom beaver outfit - now you can make your own beaver and share on facebook!
*Leaderboards - Global leaderboards and facebook friends leaderboards
*Updated game balance, some prices
*Bug fixes

We appreciate any feedback, this will help us improve our game =B

Beaver Kickin'
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