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WP8 MDM: how to hack?

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Question WP8 MDM: how to hack?

After enrolling my Lumia 920 to the corporate Exchange email, new MDM (mobile device management) policies are applied to my phone. It's OK but company administrator(s) set the unlock password (pin) expiration time too short. Every damn month I should choose and remember a new pin... And I can not use the old pins (or I don't know what is the time for "clearing" my old passwords).

Do you know/could you suggest any tricks/hacks to get around this situation? I want to reuse my old pins.
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Hey Dude,
I don't think that you can do anything. And this is not the correct thread for such questions.
In the MS World the recommended value for reusing old passwords is 24 so after 2 years
(if 4 weeks was choosen) you can use the first one again.
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Why do you think it's an incorrect forum? This forum is about "hacking", and I need a hack. It's definitely not a "Q&A" or "General" forums question...
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Hmmm this WOULD fall under the Q&A because it is technically asking a how-to although it involves hacking. Typically the threads under the Development and Hacking are threads that start projects with the hopes of hacking instead of asking how to. With that said, I'll move that over there for now and if there is some development that comes out of this, it can be renamed and moved back to Development and Hacking.
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If you have a registry editor, it's pretty easy to tweak those settings. Unfortunately, you're on a Lumia so right now that's not possible (we're working on it!)

The only other option I can think of right now is to try intercepting the communication between the phone and the corporate server. Exchange ActiveSync uses HTTPS, so any standard HTTPS proxy (like Fiddler or Burp Suite) should work. You may need to set the proxy to use a client certificate (if one was provided for your phone), and you definitely need to install the proxy's certificate on the phone (so the phone trusts it to spoof the corporate server). Anyhow, once you have interception set up, it should be pretty easy to modify the policy rules that get pushed down.

In either case, though, the changes will only last until the next time the phone checks its policy rules. I don't know how often that happens - it *might* even be only at initial enrollment, in which case if you un-enroll and then re-enroll you should be fine - but it could be a problem.
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GoodDayToDie, thanks for reply. Could you remind me: is it possible to just read values from registry on the Lumia handsets? At least I want to know value of the DevicePasswordHistory settings (according to this article).

[UPDATE] I installed Fiddler's root certificate on the phone, and able to catch & decode https traffic; however there is nothing about provisioning xml in the content, account synchronization produces 3 https requests, first response is a short binary data, second contains an email body (or header) etc. , no xml at all. Looks like MDM policies are applied only on service discovery (I should google for that). Will try to remove this Exchange account and add it again. By the way, I'm not very familiar with the Fiddler: can I change https XML response on the fly?
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