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Xperia Miro (and Tipo) Flashing for dummies. How to flash any ROM.

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I have just only recently bought myself a nice Miro and I have to say I'm in love (with my girlfriend). When I first wanted to flash, most of the guides were VERY generic and assumed that I knew most of the things that I did not know and I had to go out and discover things; let me tell you that was not fun... SO MUCH STRESS!

__________________________________________________ ____________

Terms and words -->
Flashing ==> means installing a new ROM or modification or kernel, etc.
ROM ==> is the operating system, any version of modded or un-modded android
Android ==> Google made operating system!!!
Flashtool ==> Software to Flash things on Xperia devices.
Kernel ==> The mind of your device, this is a rather important part of the operating system.
Flashmode ==> You put your phone on this mode when you want to use Flashtool. Access by pressing and holding Vol down + connect USB when phone has been turned off. Flashtool has a nice animation to help you if you do it wrong.
Fastboot mode ==> You put your phone on this mode to flash kernels and stuff like that. You can use Flashtool or fastboot on the terminal (or CMD) to access. You put your phone on this mode by pressing and holding Vol up + plug USB in, similar (but not the same) as Flashmode.
Soft brick ==> No, not the construction brick, this means you've got no working operating system or you have one but its damaged and you can't use it, so you cant see your homescreen, you only see a boot-loop when it wants to come up (you see your start animation and android won't start). You can view your recovery and boot loader (The Flashmode and Fastboot mode) when soft bricked, so you can easily fix this problem by re-flashing any working ROM.
Hard brick ==> Similar to the construction brick, your phone with little hope of recovery without sending to the Sony Center for repairs. There is one last resort as well, I will mention that in the notes toward the end of this guide; but still do not rely on that stuff too much.
__________________________________________________ ____________
Should this guide be followed carefully, nothing harmful can happen to your phone. Yet I wont take responsibility if something happens to your phone.
__________________________________________________ ____________

***Remember to back up our contacts and apps ***
__________________________________________________ ____________

Starting with the basics; Using Flashtool and setting things up:

1) Download Flashtool from Here

2) Install.

3) Go to the directory you installed Flashtool in [for me it was C:\flashtool]

4) You need to go to C:\flashtool\drivers

5) Install the drivers.exe file there. I just installed the Fasboot and Flashmode drivers from the list it gave me mid-installation.

6) Install Sony's PC Companion and connect your Miro while it is on. This will install ADB drivers.

7) You are all set, but may need to reboot.
__________________________________________________ ____________
How to flash stock firmware:

1) Download correct FTF from here [Miro], and do not forget to read the thread OP before doing anything.

2) Open up Flashtool as admin. Put your .FTF file on C:\Flashtool\firmwares

3) Connect your phone on Flashmode, then press the lightning button.

4) From the two options, press Flash mode.

5) Select the firmware you want to flash (usually, the latest is the better, and as of now, version 11.A.0.5.5 is the latest; so that will be what I am using)


7) Now the process will start. If it gives an error, there are a few possibilities: either you are running windows 8, which I just could not use with Flashtool, or you do not have the right drivers installed correctly, or your files/USB/phone are corrupted.Usually, the problem is that the right permission (run Flashtool as admin), so be careful.

8) Enjoy
__________________________________________________ ____________


This is very simple, and there are two ways.
[1] Fastboot from Flashtool:

1) Run Flashtool as admin

2) Connect phone in Fastboot mode.

3) Press lightning button.

4) Out of the two options, choose Fastboot

5) A menu will pop up; select Select kernel to flash.

6) Browse for your kernel; if you are installing FXP, it will be boot.img, if you are installing Vengeance it will be kernel.elf, etc.
NOTE! Remember that you have to extract FXP's kernel [boot.img] from the various zip files they have provided. Installing FXP will be given a tutorial too, in this thread

!! I did not have FXP downloaded on this laptop; I will put an image up for this as soon as someone gives me a screenie or I download it myself. !!

7) After you press OK, the file will be flashed and the process takes less than 2 seconds on all cases (the longest for me was 1.48 s)

[2] Fastboot from Terminal

1) Press Start Button and search for CMD and run it.

2) You need to have Google's Android SDK installed from here. The Google page for it is to be read, just in case. [ZzzzzzZzzzzzz]

3) From the SDK, install these two:

4) Put kernel file in the same folder fastboot (normally \android-sdk\platform-files\)

5) Connect phone in Fastboot mode.

6) After you have those installed, go back to CMD and type this:
cd C:\android\android-sdk\platform-tools //HINT! You may install or paste these files elsewhere. Just use cd to show your PC where they are :) 
fastboot devices //Continue if you get a response. If not, you do not have the drivers or there is a problem in your connection.
fastboot flash boot /*KERNEL NAME, such as boot.img, or kernel.elf*/
fastboot reboot
7) Done!


- Same as the windows, except to open the terminal (like CMD in Windows) you press CTRL+ALT+T.
- You do not need to install drivers on Linux.
- Ubuntu is a very easy Linux distribution [also referred to as distro] to install, if you don't have but want it, go to THIS website and download multiboot
- on every command on your terminal that starts with
, you have to add
to the start of it; so if the command is for example
fastboot devices
, you enter instead
sudo fastboot devices
. It will ask for your password and you have to give it. It will not type it so don't worry, just type it out and press enter.
- Much easier, right?

Please don't judge my old laptop model, this was my first computer

__________________________________________________ ____________
Popularity, how to install FXP CM10:

1) Download the latest version from FXP's signature and your SD card (it doesn't matter if it is internal or external).

2) Open the download .zip file and from it, extract the file labelled "boot.img"
!! No images yet, will put up soon. !!

3) Flash this boot.img by the kernel flashing tutorial given above.

4) After you boot the phone, You will see the illumination bar (on Miro) turn purple. At this point press the Volume buttons a lot.

5) The illumination bar will turn blue and you will be presented with CWM. Open install zip and install the FXP CM10 version you had downloaded. (This is how I do it every time, but some people say this is only necessary for the first time flashing. For updates, only flashing the zip is fine and you do not need to install the boot.img as well; I will update after people enlighten me in comments )

6) After this, reboot and have fun with CM10

CM10 based ROMs:

You have to be on CM10 to install any CM10 based ROM.
- Simply go to CM10, factory reset, and install the zip provided by the dev.

MORE TO COME SOON. If you think that I am wrong at specific points, tell me.
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23rd April 2013, 02:18 PM |#4  
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Thanks for the nice guide

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30th April 2013, 05:01 AM |#5  
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Great guide buddy! Thanks!

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18th May 2013, 03:14 PM |#6  
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Hey, when i am flashing fxp 220 do i have to be rooted and does cwm have to be installed or can i just directly follow ur guide?
I have an unlocked bootloader.

Great guide thanks a lot
19th May 2013, 02:30 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by wizsid

Hey, when i am flashing fxp 220 do i have to be rooted and does cwm have to be installed or can i just directly follow ur guide?
I have an unlocked bootloader.

Great guide thanks a lot

Just follow the guide, you need none of the things you said. Flashing boot.img from FXP gives you CWM and the ROM is pre-rooted so don't worry about that.
27th May 2013, 03:51 AM |#8  
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Nice guide dude

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27th May 2013, 04:12 AM |#9  
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12th June 2013, 07:17 AM |#10  
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Please Help, i just wanna help my friend with his xperia MIRO, he wanna downgrade from firmware 58 to firmware 55, but every flashtool process it alway stuck at Flashing Data :
- Start Flashing
- Processing Loader
- Checking Header
- Flashing Data
- and the process STUCK on Here

can anyone help, or any procedure for downgrade firmware via flashtoll that i should know, thanks B4
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