Default [Q] optimizing stock jb rom for xperia e ss

hello guys its me again with another question for u developers. I am curious to know if we can optimise our stock jb rom for xperia e ss as we all know its too laggy and consumes a lot of ram. i tried to control by somewhat de-bloating it(removing the inbuilt apps). But still cant optimise it as wanted it to. I wonder if there is a way to make it as stable as Xboost rom which is very smooth and awesome. I am asking this because i had to revert back to stock jb rom on my phone due to data connection prob which re-occured after a reboot. all my apns were gone and the internet and mms settings installation failed repeatedly. So i wanted to know if we can optimise stock jb rom just like Xboost rom.

P.S. plzz try and be patient with me as i am a noob so some of my questions can get u devs annoyed.