Phone [MOD] X-Reality Engine for Unlocked Boot Loaders

X-Reality Engine for Xperia L unlocked BL

So, Finally a working method to get X-Reality Engine on our Xperia L unlocked boot loader, This method worked for my XZ so tried on L n it did work...
At first follow the whole process here [MOD] X-Reality From XPERIA i1/Honami
Download restore Bravia from original thread
1. Enter into recovery and install Restore Bravia
2. Reboot and delete /system/app/CredentialManagerService.apk
3. Reboot again (do not enter into recovery now)
4. After finishing boot, reboot into recovery and install Restore Bravia again
5. Done

Voila u have X-Reality Engine on your Unlocked Xperia L .....

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