Default [Q] No anti-shatter film on XL?

I asked two weeks ago if the XL had the ASF, as I am planning to buy one, on, they said it didn't have it and instead a scratch-resistant Schott cover glass protects the display. Some users though, as I've read through other forums although only a few of them, said that they got scratches on their display which may be the ASF. I also saw this videos which shows the display is tough and is really scratch-resistant, although they did not mention if they put a screen protector on it:

I already have one and I haven't put any screen protectors on it and I'm still worried that it may get scratches if it had the ASF. I tried looking at the edges of the front for the ASF and I really can't see nothing. How about yours guys?
Xperia L: Stock 4.2.2 (.17)