Default [strange issue]Charging & Pc Connectivity problems on all roms except Legacy xperia

Hi all,

I have been experiencing strange issues on my lww which i couldnt understand. The issue is at first i had 100% percent charging problem which i resolved by flashing non stock based kernel (mesa). but after that when i connect charger sometimes it doesn't charging, i had to reboot the phone to charge it. and offline charging doesnt work even if its supported by rom and kernel.

But yesterday i changed rom from legacy xperia to stock rom and after that i couldnt charge my mobile but the charging led is working, i tried several other rom but none of is working, so i changed back to legacy xperia rom, surprisingly it works. i dont which causes it and how to resolve it.

And another problem is i cant connect my phone with pc except when im in sjb rom but i can connect by fastboot and flashmode.

please someone help me..