Default [Q] [Acro S] Update from 4.1 to 4.4 failure: this is a nozomi


at the moment I have 4.1 AndyJellyBean... wanted to update to 4.4 Beanstalk. Get the failure "not possible, this is a nozomi"... have a acro s, no nozomi...
Flashed Stock Rom with Flashtools... and cwm kernel... same result.... other 4.1 rom was no problem... but 4.4. roms does not work.
How do I get my acro s to remember that it is an acro s????
Have no idea... so now I'm back to 4.1... had 4.4 on it in the past....
Is it possible to flash 4.4. Rom - Zip with Flashtool????

pls help.