Default [Q] [Q&A] Help with Leopardx 5.0 ROM (again)

Sorry people but i recently flash my Xperia S with LeOpArDx RoM V4.9 and i see the LeOpArDx RoM V5.0.

The reason is because i have lot of problems, like miniApps (i cant open anyone) (and the WALKMAN Application, its look terrible, and when i into in Artist seccion i don see the songs)

And i dont how to install the new package. I've listened something like AROMA but i dont know what it is.

Second... Anybody know how to enter in Recovery with this ROM?? But when i flashed it i had CWM and now i cannot enter in my recovery. What should i do??

And the end... When i was flashing the ROM, i could chose between Z1 and KitKat options.. When can i see this? Example: I choose Z1 Camera, and my camera now is the same in the Jelly Bean Stock ROM.

It may be related to this