Storage [Q] Stuck at CWM, accepts .img but says "device not found" when push ROMs.

Hi. First of all thank you for this forum, help and all you managed to create here.

Its been 2 days since my Xperia S is stuck in CWM mode. N00b me, forgot to transfer the to the sd card first.

After this, I tried all I've read- push, sideload, adb shell. All get the same error: device not found. But if I want to flash the "recovery-nozomi.img" again it works.

Sony Mobile Flasher says its connected and also allows flashes and reboots.

Read a great guide about installing drivers (but for another phone), but i think i have the latest ones, got them through SDK manager.

I also, deleted all CWM allows to delete/reset. Not sure what areas need to be mounted though.

I use the "reboot" interval from CWM, to press UP and connect the USB, while the blue light is on (and after that stays on), and sometimes i can get the green light on, but nothing different happens, it just says something like "no device connected".
  • What/where are the best drivers for USB/win 7 64?
  • Is there a software that allows to push the onto the sdcard? Besides adb?
  • Can I load an .img instead of the recovery.nozomi that could fix this?
  • Does the "kill" battery trick help in this case?
  • Lets say I dont mind formatting the whole thing (like an old windows 386 PC) instead of just reinstalling de OS, is there an option for that?
  • Touching/altering the kernel like i did ages ago to ROOT would help?

Sorry for the looong text.
I'm out of options.

Any ideas, or is it clear as water to any of you?

Thank you/obrigado
From Lisbon/Portugal