Unhappy [Q] [STOCK ROM] [Root] 4.4.2 UVC compatible usb Webcam on Xperia Tablet Z SGP311


I try to use a UVC compatible (testet on ubuntu) usb Webcam on my Sony Xperia Table Z [SGP311] to capture pictures from my Telescope. But i think my [SGP311] has no UVC Driver activated / installed.

Somthing like this brain.cc.kogakuin.ac.jp/research/usb-e.html

This is source code from the website above.

It is called the "Eclipse project" for android to use USB Webcam.

To run this application, the following conditions should be satisfied.
1) The kernel is V4L2 enabled, e.g.,

2) The permission of /dev/video0 is set 0666 in /ueventd.xxxx.rc

Google's Nexus line apparently has enabled support for UVC video devices in the kernel. XTC seems not to have this by default.
I do not know how to compile my own kernel so I'm hoping for some/any advice.
Can you help me to get this work on my Sony Xperia Tablet Z [SGP311]

Thank you

Modell SGP311
Android 4.4.2 Stock-Rom [rooted]
Kernel 3.4.0 Stock [locked]
Build 10.5.A.0.230