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MW1 Smart Headset Pro : Comprehensive review

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By Sebastian768, Senior Member on 15th September 2012, 10:21 AM
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I've had this for a couple of months now and I thought I'd share my experience with it so far. (I've already done a short version under another thread here)

The MW1 looks amazing, design wise. Sleek, elegant and pretty high tech. It complements any recent SE/Sony phone. As I use my headphones every day, either commuting or when training/working out, I bought this so I wouldn't have to use the headphone-port on my Sony Acro S. That way I keep it waterproof and won't wear out the flimsy hinge on the cover (phone).

Daily Use:

The clip:

In daily use, the clip doesn't provide enough "grip", so the entire thing has a tendency to move around. I believe that the spring on the clip is strong enough, but the grippers on the inside are not sharp enough to grip things like thin fabric (ie. t-shirts, shirts, synthetic material). The shiny (slippery) polycarbonate body of the adapter also makes things worse.

The clip hinge is placed at the opposite side of the charging port. A natural way to open the clip would then be to hold the adapter with one hand and use your thump to activate it. Problem is, SE/Sony designer has placed a "Call Answer Key" button right were you would hold your other fingers. When operating the clip, most of the time, you end up pressing the button. Then you get an annoying "peep'ing" sound, prob for voice dialing or something. Trying to avoid pressing the button only makes you fumble with the adapter.

The clip end is also flush with the adapter body and the hinge itself is placed very near the end of the body. As a result, the clip is "harder" to activate and your thumb does not have a natural resting place when it's fully engaged. Add to that the slippery surface of the entire thing, most times your thumb will slip and/or you will push the button.

- The clip should have had more leverage
- The clip should have been further in, that way you would be able to open the clip and hold it open until you find a suitable place to clip it.
- The surface of the clip should have been less shiny/more rubbery.
- The button is placed "illogically" compared to the clip mechanism. Either clip should be on other side or button should.

The Buttons

It's a small device, so butting a lot of buttons on it is not easy. But it could have been done so so SO much better than this. Operating the MW1 clipped into something and not looking at it is very difficult. Even after this amount of time, I haven't seemed to get proper "muscle memory" use from it.

The "Play" buttons are on a sort of "rocker", skip on either side and play/pause button in the middle. It's raised out from the adapter body and is pretty distinguishable from the other buttons on the device. The problems are as follows. There is a circular "Back" button placed very close to the rocker. Most of the time when I try to skip back, I end up pressing the back button. This brings the device out of the Bluetooth play function and into the device menu. Most times you wont notice this happens and you will press the back button again, that then selects another item in the menu and the device doesn't auto-return to the music funtion. I then have to stop and look at the screen to enter the music functions again.

A lot of times this happens, I end up in the SC-Card music function in the menu This renders the music function via Bluetooth useless. I then have to manually select the phone to use the play functions.

The volume button on the adapter is placed on the other side of the device. Quite often, but not as much as above, I manage to hit the skip button on the other side because one of my fingers is resting on it or near it.The volume rocker is also too narrow and it's sometimes hard to hit the right way, up or down.

One would also think the "Call Button" on the display side of the adapter would be the enter button, but it's not. All "confirm" responses done on the device is via the Play/Pause button. Sometimes I still hit the big call button as this is a bit more intuitive, too me at least.

Using any type of glove, in my case very thing biking-gloves makes it's neigh on impossible to use any of them. But this is sort of outside the parameters of use for most.

- Music/play buttons should have it's own side of the adapter. This would immensely help operating the thing without looking at it.
- Call button should be confirm button. That way you could hold the device with two hands, using our index fingers for either skip button and then your thumb on the call button as enter/confirm.
- The play functions should be placed closes the the charge side of the adapter. Increasing the distance from the volume buttons.
- Back button should be removed or placed someplace else, on the front opposite side of call button.

The Menu System

All in all, it works. Little or no lag, simple UI and easy to use. BUT BUT BUT I F-ING HATE using it connected to my phone, then entering the SD-menu instead. It's a hassle and a real annoyance. I've found it easier to unlock my phone and use that to change music instead. This is prob the worst part of the whole product and could have been a deal breaker for me had I known about it.

Using the smart app is also a bit of a hassle when playing music, since it automatically shows the received in the display. You then have to push play to view the entire message or back to enter music function again. Most times, I fumble with this and it's annoying. I will probably uninstall the sms/email/calender app because of this. Great idea thought and I love the functionallity.

- What about removing the SD-CARD options from the menu, either user selectable or when there is NO sd-card in the slot.
- Press call button to view the message or play it via TTS...(WHICH IS GREAT BY THE WAY)

The SD MP3 Player

What a load of horse manure!!!! I can't say this enough time, this functions utterly destroys the usability of the device. Removine this ENTIRELY would INSANELY improve the device. But, actually having this function is a very VERY smart idea and would be great if it worked. There are problems with getting mp3's to the device. COME ON, WERE IN 2012. I had easier times getting MP3's to my Creative MuVo2!!!

Why does it sometimes enter the SD player in the menu when I'm playing via my phone and there is no sd-card in the slot? Grrrr...

- Make it user de-activateable (SAME WITH RADIO)
- If there is no SD card, DONT SHOW it.

The Sound

Mainly very very good. Good earbuds, clear enough and deep enough. But why does it play the sound louder when skipping to a song, then 0.5sec later turn ut down, even if it's all the way up? It also started "skipping" the sound after a recent update. At the same time, I also started getting some static on it.

Actually I'm very impressed with the sound and the earbuds!

The "Metal" Cover

Looks pretty good, works pretty well. But this WILL wear out and become fllimsy. So the device's quality in it's entirety is solely based on the durability of this part. When this is worn, for the most part, it will make the device useless for me.

- A USB-key for charging and moving files would be better IMO

The Earbuds

The mic should have been on the ear-bud wires. I mostly look like a twatteroony trying to talk into the adapter. They are also too short to keep the adapter say, in the pocket.

- Longer wires and a mic would be very good. Then you could use the device display and call at the same time. You could also keep it in your pocket if it rained. Some jackets down have a natural place to clip the adapter to.


I'm happy with it, don't find it too expensive for what you get, battery life is great. You get a lot of accessories. If you needed another charger, that would be (here in Norway at least) HALF THE PRICE OF THE ENTIRE MW1 SET!!! You also get a short micro-usb cable which I find very "nifty".

But it's obvious that they didn't test this product IRL, but went straight from the CAD drawings to production in China'ish. If they used a little bit more of their brain capacity, this would be the single best product ever released from Sony Ericsson. That's what really annoys me, only very small adjustments would turn this adapter into the work of a genius!

WHY WHY WHY WHY CAN'T I GET ARTIST/SONG INFORMATION FROM SPOTIFY ON THE ADAPTER. Even Sony manages to get this info onto their lockscreen automatically. It's not like it takes a lot of bits to send this info vi BT.....


- Light
- Sleek
- Esthetically design
- Great headphones
- Flat cable (tangle free) headphones
- It has a wide clip, strurdy
- Nice, unobtrusive display. Would a color LCD make it better? No, IMO it would look less for it)
- Long battery life
- Bundled accessories: microSD adapter, short micro USB cable, Micro USB charger
- Smart Apps; SMS, Mail, Call Log, Calender on device display
- Update device via phone
- Price, it's really not that bad when proper headphones are equal in price and you get FM/MP3 bundles as well
- Keeps my Acro S waterproof since I don't have to open the headphone flap.
- GREAT SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Glossy is as glossy does, fingerprint hell!
- Short headphone cable means you can't use it on other devices and that you can't keep the BT dongle in you pocket if you wanted to
- 2GB microSD card? Come on, it goes straight in the trash and it's 2012. Skip it, or ship larger.
- Won't display song info from Spotify.
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16th September 2012, 02:34 PM |#2  
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Can I talk even I changed the headphone? My headphone can only play music but not talking.

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20th September 2012, 11:49 PM |#3  
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Wow! this looks great.
4th October 2012, 11:09 PM |#4  
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I really like mine, the headphones in particular and awesome. I just hope Sony releases some firmware updates to address the issues. They were quick with release one of them but since then it has been a long wait.
5th October 2012, 08:57 AM |#5  
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To use it as headset it is great!

If you wanna use the additional benefit of SD-Card player and radio it's just a pain to use, some thing do not work at all!
17th October 2012, 10:20 AM |#6  
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Hi all just thought id drop by and say there's a new software release, though to caveat that SUS hasn't worked fro me and the standalone bin file isnt available to DL yet

A new update (0.1.C.0.3) for Smart Wireless Headset pro is now being rolled out. I suggest that you use SUS to update.

Software improvement:

- improved micro SD card compatibility and handling

- improved mp3 player functionality and playlist handling

- progress bar added for indexing of music

- Japanese caller-ID improved on non-Android phones

and yes its a dupe post but thought id get the news out
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12th December 2012, 12:36 AM |#7  
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Another update 0.1.D.0.6
20th June 2013, 10:02 AM |#8  
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I've got a question about the mp3 player... if I pause it and turn it off... will it remember where I was the next time I turn it on.

I'm thinking of listening to audiobooks on it, but then it's very important that it remembers where it was last time when you power on the device.

Brgds... Tubgirl
19th September 2013, 12:55 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Tubgirl

I've got a question about the mp3 player... if I pause it and turn it off... will it remember where I was the next time I turn it on.

I'm thinking of listening to audiobooks on it, but then it's very important that it remembers where it was last time when you power on the device.

Brgds... Tubgirl

I can test it when I get home later. When you play MP3 from phone, the music app will remember what you are playing. WHen you turn off the MW1, the music app is still active. WHen you reconnect the MW1, you can play from the pause because the app remembers

//Just got the MW1... definitely could use more polish (the device resetted a few times.. sigh)... the call button is totally useless for me, I keep accidentally pressing it and it beeps 3 times(mutes the music), then continues to play music

for those people wondering why A2DP or Stereo Audio isn't showing up --
You either have FM Radio or "nothing" selected... You'll need to go to the music icon on MW1, and select the device name. Then, A2Dp / Stereo Audio will work.... for multipoint, I have to do this manually everytime I switch device source

EDIT: for playing music off of the microSD, if I shut down and restart the player, it only remember the last song, but not the location within the song.... you could fast forward through the song (but no timestamp display)

there is playlist/album support, along with shuffle, and group by artist.... a basic music player
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24th November 2013, 06:02 PM |#10  
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I am using this headset with a Nexus 5. I've had many other headsets of this type, such as a retired sony mw600, jabra clipper, and a still currently functioning samsung hs3000.

I liked all of them for various reasons. One of them being that if my phone was in my pocket, I could press the main button to load up google now search (using another app in the play store to change the default application opened by this button)

The MW1 impressed me at first. But I noticed a problem.

I noticed I was not able to use the action button on the headset for anything other than answering a call, or ending a call. If I pressed the button, it just beeps in the headphones. NOTHING! So I reinstalled the app I use to take control of what happens when you press a headset button and tested it was still working with my samsung HS3000. It worked like a charm. Press the button, said "text message John Smith Hey let's go see a movie later tonight" google prompted me to confirm I wanted to send the message, and away it went.

But when I use the MW1...NOTHING HAPPENS. It just beeps.

Is there a way I can use the circle button on the mw1 to load up google now, and how can I find out what application is taking up the first space in my notification bar?

I still have not found a way to do this.

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13th December 2013, 08:19 AM |#11  
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Battery Full Battery Info
is there any way to read the battery level from mobile phone?

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