Question [XP][ICS] Browser and Album Apps Faults

Hi, I'm using ICS (6.1.B.0.544) for a month and a half and I came across the following app faults which little or nothing interfere with the proper functioning of the phone:

1) ALBUM App (Photo Editor) - Some FX Effects are corrupted;

2) ALBUM App (Online Tab) - Facebook photos: only updates photos posted ​​by 2 FB contacts (the choice of the contacts do not have any sort of discretion and they are always the same). I have about 1500 contacts and the function worked on GB gallery. (Note: Facebook inside Xperia: Facebook Photo Extension & Friends Music&Video both checked, the latter works flawlessly in the Walkman application);

3) BROWSER App (Bookmarks) - Can't find any option ( in Accounts & Sync) to synchronize with Chrome / Google bookmarks. Note: In Chrome / Google account sync options only have encryption for passwords).

Anyone with the same faults?