Default Is my ST25a broken?

I have a Canadian Fido Xperia U. A long time ago I got the ICS update to .3something and shortly after the phone went to sh*t.
Now I've spent the day playing around with .10 to .100 and everything I could find in between.

My problem is the phone runs at like 5fps and I have no idea why. 2d, 3d, everything is "5fps".
I've forced GPU rendering on, i've forced it off.
I've forced the CPU renderer to do everything.
I've played with caches and composition.
I've swapped in different Mali libs.

I can't figure out why it's so slow. The only thing I can possibly think of is the GPU is stuck in some low power mode or something like that. But I can't think of why a hard reset wouldn't fix that, let alone the million ROM flashes i've done at this point. CPU usage after boot is almost nothing and forcing the performance gov doesn't help.

So guys, is there anything I've missed? Some crap in TA that sets GPU clocks? Or something else stupid?

I miss this crappy bar of soap being useful. It should spec higher then my Nexus S yet the NS runs circles around it :/

Thank you for your time.