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How to increase speaker volume for CM11 Notifications

15th July 2014, 05:38 AM |#1  
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Hey guys,

Every time I install CM on a phone, I always notice that notifications are always a lot more quiet compared to stock. I have to imagine that this is erring on the side of caution by the CM guys.

Anyway, so I did some digging today and found the setting that you can change to fix this.

Open ES File Explorer, Enable Root Explorer, press on root explorer and mount system as r/w.

The file is located at:

You'll need to have ES File Explorer (doesn't have to be this particular one... basically you need a root browser). Make sure to enable root browser and set system to r/w.

Just navigate to the above file, and look for this section (line 737):


<path name="speaker">
<ctl name="SLIM RX1 MUX" value="AIF1_PB" />
<ctl name="SLIM RX2 MUX" value="AIF1_PB" />
<ctl name="SLIM_0_RX Channels" value="Two" />
<ctl name="RX7 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
<ctl name="RX7 MIX1 INP2" value="RX2" />
<!-- 67 % of 124 (range 0 - 124) Register: 0x2E7-->
<ctl name="RX7 Digital Volume" value="83" />
<!-- 100 % of 8 (range 0-8) Register: 0x1E0-->
<ctl name="SPK DRV Volume" value="8" />

The line you're going to want to focus on is this one:
<ctl name="RX7 Digital Volume" value="83" />

FWIW, <!-- This is a comment and usually I tell you things that are important... not code -->.

This line above: <!-- 67 % of 124 (range 0 - 124) Register: 0x2E7--> Shows you the min and max values (0 - 124), so don't set some stupidly high number here outside of those ranges.

I started at a value of 95 (which I knew was extremely high, but I did it because I was trying to find the upper limit). Long story short, a value of 89 or 90 is right about perfect for volume vs distortion.

Anyway, hopefully this helps someone else.
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15th July 2014, 05:56 AM |#2  
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What is the line to change for earpiece volume?
Also will doing this hinder OTA updates
I am on stock gpe firmware
15th July 2014, 05:59 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by Pallavgarg10

What is the line to change for earpiece volume?
Also will doing this hinder OTA updates
I am on stock gpe firmware

I'm going to take a total guess and go for line 906:


<path name="handset-voice-cfg" >
<ctl name="CLASS_H_DSM MUX" value="DSM_HPHL_RX1" />
<!-- 67 % of 124 (range 0 - 124) Register: 0x2B7 -->
<ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="83" />
<ctl name="DAC1 Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="EAR PA Gain" value="POS_6_DB" />
<!-- 62 % of 124 (range 0 - 124) Register: 0x356 -->
<ctl name="IIR2 INP1 Volume" value="77" />

Keep in mind, this is for cm11, no other rom (although many other roms use cm as a base, so this MAY apply to them as well. YMMV.).
4th September 2014, 04:24 AM |#4  
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This edit worked on Stock GPE 4.4.4 ROM with no issues. I tried 90 first but its was right at the edge of speaker limit, so I changed it to 88 and its great. Louder than before and no soft anymore. Thanks for the neat edit.
8th September 2014, 05:47 PM |#5  
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Do you know how to increase the volume for call ringtones?

Again, thank you.
19th April 2015, 08:07 AM |#6  
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No, but I would just look through all the sections there, one is likely to jump out at you.
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