Default Do Not Post Questions/Help/Troubleshooting in General

As I'm sure you're all aware there is a very useful Xperia Z Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting sub forum for all your questions, help or troubleshooting threads to be placed so please post any of these types of threads there. General rule of thumb:
  • If you start your thread with a "[Q]" or you end your sentence with a "?" it's a clear question
  • If you say "please help" it's a help thread
  • If you go off with "I'm trying to work out x" that's called troubleshooting

So simply do not post these threads in this (General) Sub-Forum.
They will be moved (or deleted if a repeat offender) when we see them or when reported. We will be working our way through all threads moving and cleaning them as necessary.
Your lucky to have a dedicated section (Q&A means Questions & Answers just in case you weren't aware).

Posting these threads in General shows that:
1). You've not searched first - XDA Rule 1.
2). You've not read the rules - XDA Rule 2.6.

Do us, and yourself a favour, and search. 9 times out of 10 you're not the first user to have that problem. Search, search & search, you'll get your answer quicker. Also if you know something do try to help those asking the questions and share what you know, that's you giving back to the forum and lastly if you see something posted incorrectly use the report button instead of criticising the OP


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