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Hi all!
I want to buy XZ in a few days, but I heard some bad stuff about it.
1. Battery life is very poor as I heard
2. Screens can just break in a half without a reason
3. Does that hot back trouble a lot?

Anyone can share his/her thoughts? I will really apreciate that.
1. Battery life is fine for me. This is my daily usage .Charging at 10 pm, sleep in stamina mode, turn off stamina mode at 8am. 3 gmail accounts, 5 instant messengers, yahoo!mail, facebook, 4 news apk. Moderate usage with no game. Mostly on wifi connection. Of course if use mobile data, my battery has less life
2. Maybe because we put it on extreme condition, such as, go out from studio room with low temperature AC, then put it on car dashboard or something? but I know many friends here who using XZ ; and we don't have such sudden screen crack problem
3. I found hot back on my XZ when used it for browsing on 4.2.2. After upgraded it to 4.3, i think the heat is fair...not to hot. Not sure it's because the 4.3 or not , since I already use custom rom

Sorry for my bad english, btw