Post [Q] Flashtool "Bundle Creation" not working (v0.9.13.0)?

This is my first android, and would like to make a safety net before I delve heavily into this. I am trying to use Flash Tool (v0.9.13.0) to bundle my blob_fs files that I had recently collected from Sony PC Companion to make a stock ROM, once I finish the decryption process it prompts me as usual to input Build, Brand, add .sin files, and so on. I wait for about 30 mins, the logs remains the same (did this x3, even after re-installed and restarted comp. Please see below for reference).

29/027/2013 18:27:22 - INFO - Decrypting FILE_279914849
29/027/2013 18:27:22 - INFO - Decrypting FILE_280274462
29/027/2013 18:27:25 - INFO - Decrypting FILE_280274482
29/031/2013 18:31:54 - INFO - Decryption finished

=This is the end of my log=

I know it should inform me once the bundle has completed, but doesn't; I look in my C:\Flashtool\firmwares folder and I see that I have a X10_V1_BLRelock.ftf which is 3.3mb, compared to my blob_FS 885mb. Is this correct? Please point me to the right direction.

My Device:
Xperia Z1 - (aU/KDDI - Black)
Model No.: SOL23
Android Version: 4.2.2
Baseband Version: 8974-AAAAANAQZ-10270011-02
Kernel Version: 3.4.0-perf-g66807d4-024510-g22b4297
Build No: 14.1.C.0.467