Default can anyone give it a look :D !! i need help with those things

Parandroid 4.5 beta !! ( i posted it at the thread but i had no answers )

please i have a serious problem !!!! while i'm talking my call will just drop in the middle of the call and i thought it was my friends fault's then it happened again with another friend :S !!!

also another bug !@

i'm using Acdisplay and sometimes the screen get frozen and when i press the volume key it works and i can adjust it then when its gone i can use the screen but not much just small touche space and eventually i have to restart the whole phone to fix the problem

i love this rom and don't want to go back to stock (( help please )

which services from google services are safe to stop
google play services has 144 services and i believe most of them are just for spy reasons only ( or something i don't really need in the first place) draining out my battery which services are safe to disable and which are not )

thanks for help in advance

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Sony Z (c6603) running stock 4.4.4 locked bootloader
xperia x8 running gdx 31b locked bootloader