Default [Q] USB Host Mode - Stock c6602

Sony advertises the c6602 as being able to do USB Host Mode. I ran USB Host Check, and was found, but, handheld_core_hardware.xml was not. I'm assuming this is why when I attempt to connect a USB device (nooelec USB sdr) i'm having issues working with the device even though I have the RTL2832U driver installed/configured.

I have not rooted. I'm assuming that the other xml/any other needed libraries needed to be able to power the device have to be installed in order to run this device without connecting it to a USB hub that is already powered, or? I tried to take a USB hub, plug the cable into an IPhone wall adapter so it'd have power, but, I had the same results.

Thoughts? I should still be able to use the device if I have an external power source, no?