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[Wallpaper]6000+ Ultimate HD Wallpapers For Sony Xperia Z

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Default [Wallpaper]6000+ Ultimate HD Wallpapers For Sony Xperia Z

I have had an interest in collecting wallpapers andThese wallpapers will work on HDPI phones and main purpose of posting in Sony Xperia Z forum is because of its extreme awesomely developed screen with full HD support.

Here are some rules : :P
1. Don't take credit of getting these wallpapers downloaded :P Even, I won't.

2. To MODS: If there is something you would like to make me aware off, please pm me so that I get to know about it before any action is taken

3. FEEDBACKS/SUGGESTIONS ARE MOST WELCOMED. FEEDBACKS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED. I will be accepting your request and will be looking forward to make sure it is fulfilled

4. Even you can post your wallpaper collection here. Or you can even post the wallpaper you like the most from my collection of hd wallpapers.
Here, we go.

Direct Download and Screenshots :

3D HD :

3D+HD+1-100.rar - 23.10 MB

3D+HD+101-200.rar - 12.77 MB

3D+HD+201-300.rar - 12.69 MB

3D+HD+301-400.rar - 15.30 MB

Aitcraft :

Aircraft+1-100.rar - 12.18 MB

Aircraft+101-200.rar - 24.31 MB

Android :

Android+1-100.rar - 55.46 MB

Android+101-200.rar - 22.10 MB

Android+201-300.rar - 24.74 MB

Animals :

Animals+1-100.rar - 19.10 MB

Animals+101-200.rar - 23.61 MB

Animated :

Animated+1-100.rar - 34.93 MB

Animated+101-200.rar - 19.59 MB

Animated+201-300.rar - 21.26 MB

Animated+301-400.rar - 20.83 MB

Animated+401-500.rar - 19.29 MB

Animated+501-600.rar - 21.02 MB

Animated+601-700.rar - 25.16 MB

Animated+701-800.rar - 19.84 MB

Animated+801-900.rar - 20.96 MB

Animated+901-1000.rar - 26.77 MB

Animated+1001-1100.rar - 23.13 MB

Animated+1101-1200.rar - 27.51 MB

Animated+1201-1300.rar - 19.61 MB

Beaches And Island :

Beaches+And+Island+1-100.rar - 23.33 MB

Beaches+And+Island+101-200.rar - 24.16 MB

Beaches+And+Island+201-300.rar - 25.43 MB

Beaches And Island 301-400.rar - 25.86 MB

Black And White :

Black+And+White+1-100.rar - 7.46 MB

Black+and+White+101-200.rar - 18.19 MB

Black+And+White+201-300.rar - 18.71 MB

Cars :

Cars+1-100.rar - 28.94 MB

Cars+101-200.rar - 32.64 MB

Cars+201-300.rar - 31.15 MB

Celebrities :

Celebrities ( Female ) [Hollywood] :

Celebrities+( Female )+[Hollywood]+1-100.rar - 18.70 MB

Celebrities+( Female )+[Hollywood]+101-200.rar - 19.87 MB

Celebrities+( Female )+[Hollywood]+201-300.rar - 20.80 MB

Celebrities+( Female )+[Hollywood]+301-400.rar - 19.41 MB

Celebrities ( Female ) [Hollywood] 401-500.rar - 21.87 MB

Celebrities ( Male ) [Hollywood] :

Celebrities+( Male )+[Hollywood]+1-100.rar - 19.15 MB

Christmas :

Christmas+1-100.rar - 30.36 MB

Christmas+101-200.rar - 29.08 MB

Christmas+201-300.rar - 30.82 MB

DBZ ( off course it isn't childish ) :

DBZ+1-100.rar - 20.36 MB

DBZ+101-200.rar - 13.12 MB

DBZ+201-300.rar - 13.54 MB

Green Wallpapers :

Green+Wallpapers+1-100.rar - 20.56 MB

LandScape And Nature :

LandScape+And+Nature+1-100.rar - 28.52 MB

LandScape+And+Nature+101-200.rar - 32.08 MB

LandScape+And+Nature+201-300.rar - 31.53 MB

Operating Systems And Softwares :

Operating+Systems+and+Softwares+1-100.rar - 11.89 MB

Operating+Systems+and+Softwares+101-200.rar - 19.23 MB

Operating+Systems+And+Softwares+201-300.rar - 19.59 MB

Smilies :

Smilies+1-100.rar - 2.67 MB

Smilies+101-200.rar - 2.74 MB

Smilies+201-300.rar - 2.62 MB

Universe :

Universe+1-100.rar - 30.22 MB

Universe+101-200.rar - 29.05 MB

Universe+201-300.rar - 29.83 MB

Torrent file by me and others :


Ultimate HD Wallpapers {SET 1}.torrent - 195.70 KB

Ultimate HD Wallpapers {SET 2}.torrent - 63.89 KB

100 3D HD Wallpapers {SET 1}.torrent - 21.82 KB

100 Aircraft HD Wallpapers {SET 1}.torrent - 22.41 KB

100 Android HD Wallpapers {SET 1}.torrent - 23.05 KB

100 Animals HD Wallpapers {SET 1}.torrent - 19.20 KB
NOTE : All the torrents will be seeded properly by me. So, if you can, please help me in seeding the torrent. I will be glad to see you all help me

1. Google Image ( Thanks a lot it exists )

2. Zedge, Mobango, freewallpapers

3. Best Wallpaper HD App and PicSpeedWallpaper App

4. XDA ( BIG Thanks to the themers and custom wallpaper creators on xda, love you all for what you guys have done )

5. PG101 ( Contacted him about the creation of this thread, just to ensure that there isn't any warez/illegal/copyright issues in posting wallapers on xda and so nice of him to explain it to me )

6. DevHost for giving me storage space for uploading the wallpapers. I am glad that this great website exists.

7. Thanks to ketan.k who have provided me with over 100 hd wallpapers which are included in the above zip files.

If anyone is left out, I am sorry for that. Sometimes it happens. Make sure that user comment here that one of these wallpapers are created by them, and I will surely add those great guys on the credit lists.

And yeah, I almost forgot. If you like the collection, don't hesitate to press the thanks button. If you like the thread, please rate it with 5 stars and do subscribe this thread for further updates. It would be much appreciated.
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Default Re: [Wallpaper]6000+ Ultimate HD Wallpapers For Sony Xperia Z

Downloading and seeing all torrent files for next 6 hours with my Xperia s

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Seeding for xda
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Default Re: [Wallpaper]6000+ Ultimate HD Wallpapers For Sony Xperia Z

Originally Posted by DarkKrypt View Post
Downloading and seeing all torrent files for next 6 hours with my Xperia s

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Originally Posted by Droidyou View Post
Seeding for xda

thanks for the seeding man

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Wow that's nice.
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Thanks! Downloading and seeding now!
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Very nice, thanks!
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Thanks for this collection, going to add to my dropbox wallpaper collection.

I'm using Torrent, will seed for good while.
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What's the resolution of the wallpapers?
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Originally Posted by xswistaqx View Post
What's the resolution of the wallpapers?
Well...I've found that the resolution most of the times it's lower than 2160x1920...and many of these walls isn't resized correctly.

In order to be used WITHOUT cropping issues and, most important, at FULL RESOLUTION, the wallpapers have to be 2160x1920...

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