Default [DISCUSSION][AOSPUsers] Dalvik vs ART - Share your experiences!

A quick reminder..

This thread is started for sharing experiences and opinions on the Dalvik vs ART Runtime debate, and because the ART bonus feature only is working at Open Source ROMS (=CM, PAC, Omni, PA etc) at the moment, only users of the mentioned ROMS, or users that have used anyone of the mentioned ROMS with ART enabled, should post so no confusions is made.

Share your opinions on:

- Battery life differences
- Performance differences
- Benchmark differences
- Additional related and important information and guidance that is useful for the Z1 users specially..

Android Devices that I am using:
1. Sony Xperia Z1 - ROM: Stock RomAur v9.1 / Kernel: X-Honami-v1
2. Sony Xperia Tablet Z - ROM: Stock 10.5.A.0.230 / Kernel: UnleaZhed XTZ v0.2