Hi GermainZ,

I had to get back on board my cruise ship before your last post so my apologies for taking so long to reply. In the end, I did a complete re-flash of ARHD 71.1 and rebooted twice (just to make sure) before attempting to activate and xposed mods. This seems to have done the trick. One of the mods doesn't seem to be working at the moment, so I plan to de-activate them all, reboot, then activate them one-by-one, rebooting in between each. I've read that this is sometimes necessary. If I have any further problems I will of course post again but, for now, thank you very much for your time and help.



HTC One M7 (Vodafone UK)
(ARHD 71.1) Dirty Unicorn ROM for 4.4.4.

Please note: I work on a cruise ship and my internet access is via a satellite link which is expensive and VERY SLOW.
I try to browse as many posts as possible if I have a problem, but if my questions have been answered already elsewhere on this thread or another XDA forum, please be kind and don't flame me

Thanks for understanding